German 9.0 bracket in brutal uptiers

All the 8.7 tanks that were put in on 9.0-9.3 are struggling against 9.7 Russian tanks and 10.3 uptiers as the difference of technology is from day to night, as you know many premium tanks where put on this bracket with sabots, gen 3 thermals and when you have a tank without all that it’s like playing blind in the map.

It is disgusting to see blatantly pay to win stuff such as the Vidar in a even lower tier having free license to snipe everybody on the map easily while you struggle to see anyone as also your optics are trash in comparison. Can you please at least give to these tanks such as the Leopard 1 better optics as longer we need to fight vehicles like the 2S24M, Turms, VRCC and all those tanks that outperform the Leopard 1 every way.

The 9.7 Soviet tanks in question? The only one is the T-64B.

Also there’s multiple 9.0/9.3 vehicle’s with gen 2/3 thermals, way below where they should be.

Do you play war thunder? Almost no one use the T-64, sure there are a lot of Russian tanks without thermals, doesn’t change the fact many of them specially the premium ones have and they are what you are doing going to face 90% of the time. The T-64 is also outdated for its tier.

In a full uptier there aren’t that many top tier tanks in the enemy lineup, approx 3 players or so and your team will get some as well. The real problem is that German teammates that buy the premium leo 2 have nothing else in their lineup and ODL while the USSR premium lineup has at least 4 vehicles you can buy at any time to make a complete set of vics for top tier. If you took out all the players who don’t know what they’re doing and are only there because their money bought them a place in the upper BR’s, it would be more fair.


You specifically mentioned Soviet 9.7 tanks. The ONLY Soviet 9.7 tank is the T-64B, which you just said wasn’t an issue. Colour me confused.

he literally said 9.7-10.3 in the OP?

And it not only Russian tanks, many tanks like the VRCC, tanks with a much better technology all sharing the same match bracket, while legacy tanks are getting extremely behind, they deserve some sort of update.

Specifically mentioned Soviet 9.7, so that’s the part I’m mentioning?

Might as well single out the comment about Russian tanks because the majority of them suck, even the TURMS

OPs problem isn’t exclusive to Germany, all the legacy 8.7 now 9.0/9.3 MBTs like Leo/Type 74/Type 88/T-62M are miserable to play as they’re tiered against Thermal Optic race cars like XM-1/VRCC/Type 16.

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Exactly, I don’t play other nations but I suppose they have the same problem as Germany for their tech tree vehicles.