German 5.3 domination

It isnt worth playing any other nation at 5.3 because the tiger and panthers are so dominant! They should be a higher br by at least 0.4, and its disgusting that you had to apologise to german mains in the Lynx devblog, the whiny losers don’t need it. They think they need everything because they suffer, but they dont!

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Not like the 5.3 Panther and Tiger are easy to kill because one has absolutely no turret rotation speed and the other has a cupola which anything can pen at any range for an easy turret crew kill.

And the fact that 5.3 german has some of the worst KD/s and WR in the game currently.

5.7 is the german lineup and only suffers because of idiots with 0 experience thinking “Tiger stronk, Panther stronk”

5.7 is not the only german lineup? And tigers are good tanks

Yea and what has that to do with what I said?

It is a fact that german 5.7 is the lineup for the BR range, so 5.3 is rare.
It is also a fact that the 5.3 Panther and Tiger are far less viable than the 5.7 versions.
This is not reflected in the sats for 5.7 germany because the players just suck.

So a post complaining about 5.3 germany is utterly stupid because 5.3 germany is 1) rare as hell and 2) By no means a problem when compared to 5.7

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my bad I read your post wrong but the 5.3 tiger is still decent. And all panthers have awful turret traverse

The Panther A has a 20º/s maxed out turret traverse. That is quite decent.

did not say it wasn`t just that it has a giant weakspot so killing it is not hard.
And the Panther D has 4.2 °/s while the others are around 14°/s and 9.6°/s for the F. For comparrison the M10 Wolverine has 3.1 °/s.


Numbers without crew skill

Germany main complains that german tanks at 5.3 are bad. This is not the case

Where the hell am I a german Main bro?

Edit: Also again I never said they are bad. Just pointed out their very prominent weaknesses. If you do not want to learn then go and cry elesewhere

The Panthers should go up by 0.3, but the tigers are fine where they are imo. Panther turrets are also volumetric hell, which makes facing them beyond close range very unfair.

Domiwhat??? cmon playing against 5.3 is like play in easy mode. The most terrible players of Germany are in that BR.

After the speed nerf?? hell no.

Yes, right away Br 11.7, deal with real problems, such as vehicles with HEAT shells, which have huge penetration and can kill the Tiger 2 from the front from 2 km away, because of such vehicles, playing as heavy tanks is pointless, or vehicles from the Cold War are fighting with WW2 vehicles that massacre 90% of WW2 vehicles, these are low br problems, not br 5.3 which is very well balanced, but if you don’t like the Germans that much, you can give an example from the book Pantera by Thomas Anderson, where they tested the cannon with the IS2 with the Panther gun and the tests showed that the 122mm has much less penetration than the 75mml70 gun, there are still disputes as to whether the IS-2 could penetrate the Tiger 2 hours ahead, I believe, of course the IS-2 had to lower the gun when it was loading, or that the T34 vibrated above 25 km/h and was impossible to control, and of course this is not the case in Tue, but it should be because it is one of the main features of these vehicles, so in conclusion it is better to deal with something serious and not raise the brakes and repair costs as gaijn does, which makes such vehicles pointless yhm yhm R2Y2 br 8.0 Rip Rip.

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