Gepard 1A2 and it's allergy to FIM-92K or SPAA and allergy to bug fixes

How long will this issue be in the game? How come Gepard is the only vehicle with such a weird problem?

I went last resort and posted bug issue in russian. Kind moderator replied to me and linked to a 9month acknowledged bug report.

If it has been a known issue for that long. Why is still not fixed? Why is there no acknowledgement of the bug besides 9month closed thread because staff didn’t like people complaining about bug?

If it’s not possible to fix the bug, why not just say so instead of pretending you care about a bug that you have no intention to fix?

9months! It’s insanity.


Gaijin does not even provide patch notes… ALl we get is rough bullet points with what i believe is what they remember.

They literally changed multiple important gameplay aspects without any mention in just the last three updates and the main Sons of Attila patch.

Like MGs now again being able to destroy concrete walls, Bushes and trees receiving new hitboxes, not all MGs being able to shoot down said bushes and trees, HE from low calibre guns being unable to destroy trees and walls and much more.
Literally stuff which you need to know in advance.

What we need from gajin is complete patch notes listing every single change in minute detail.
sth like:

  • decresed ground pressure of Pz IV J “Ostketten” by 0.0000001
    -Increased drag of PzGr 39 by 0.000000000002
    -set “CreateShrapnel” to “false” on all Italian ground vehicles.

and so on.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something about them skipping some patch notes in english, and you can only get full patch notes if you understand russian

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yeah i regulary annoy Smin about progress of this bug, but isnt getting touched or in progress currently

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Gonna reply here as to not cram that patch note with off topic talk. Yeah it seems to not work when spawning in, I guess i just never notice it before now

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Gaijin only cares about adding more and more and more… not fixing the existing. PUMA also suffers from bugs that have been in the game since it was added.

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they wont fix it, because they dont care that vehicle exists