Genuine Question: Is research broken at rank 6+

Looking at how much it RP costs to get a vehicle at the end of each rank, it seems like once you get to Rank 6 there’s a huge spike. I’m guessing this is intentional but why? (idk if the picture worked for a graph of this) On the graph there is a green dot that shows a rank 6 Ground Realistic Battle game rewards rounded up where i got 8 kills, 2 base captures, and 94% activity, with a premium account. Comparing that to reward and progression time from every other BR below rank 6 it seems a bit drastic. Going from around 5~ games at the lower ranks to over 27 good games at just rank 6 let alone higher BR ranges. (sorry for the not well thought out side rant ish thing idk) Basically I’m just wondering why the progression seems to way outpace rewards from matches at rank 6 and higher. (Also sorry for the bad graph im gonna try and make a better one later but that’s all i have right now. Note: I got all the numbers from looking at the highest cost in rp of every vehicle in a rank.)


also quick note, that game took 18 min to play so to get one rank 6 ground vehicle with prem time would talk 8~ hours on a good day

Wouldn’t it make more sense for it to go 145k at rank 6, 200k rank7, and 255k at rank8? That would be way more inline with how the RP was going before.


Now make a graph adjusting for RP multipliers.
Rank 7 RP multiplier is ~480% with a premium account.

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Thats cool but Rank 8 multiplier is only 500% so so compared to rank 7 multiplier and RP cost the RP cost generaly increases by 30% while the multiplier increases by around 15% if we are generous. And that is acounting for premium account so in reality the RP rewards increase is roughly 7%.


In a developer post some time ago they stated that players enjoyed the research process and they extended the amount of research required to increase enjoyment even more.

Following the player revolt they conceded that players don’t actually enjoy a long research grind and made some changes.

I suspect that they know what players truly want deep down in their hearts and have slowed research progress once again to help us achieve true happiness.

I look forward to rank IX and 500,000 RP requirements, which will surely bring true ecstasy.

How did you get these numbers? What formula?

If your talking about on the graph its said in the post, I just looked at the most expensive vehicle in each rank that i saw.

I tried that but doing percentages isn’t that simple on this, where you would actually be able to see it lol, but from what i saw its definitely not keeping up.

You should take the average rp cost per rank. Gaijin makes rp-costs by having a set total of rp per rank than dividing it by the number of tanks.

This is why modification costs drop whenever they add a new one to a rank. But they only adjust the vehicle costs every so often.

right now im making one with the cost of every vehicle in sweden ground on it so ill see after but its still a drastic shift in amount of grinding

It probably will still be a raise but i just want you to make it accurate to how gaijin makes the costs.

My bet is that it is because rank 6 was the first rank added so they sort of messed up the curve.

yeah, just imagine that you need to get about 260k RP for next vehicle but the one you just got only need about 50% RP of the next one, thats kind pain

No, they don’t. Idk where you got that from but look at any nation and they have around the same cost per vehicle no matter how many are in the rank. Actually with Japan Rank VI their highest price is actually lower than the others even with only 4 vehicles (Excluding folders since they have separate RP gain from the rank)

~480% rank 7 rewards
~200% rank 1 rewards
(both with premium account)
The cost of a rank 1 vehicle goes up by 50x comparing rank 7
while the amount gained is 2.4x higher.
I get that its meant to take longer for end vehicles. But, that is such a drastic difference idk how they expect people to finish a nation let alone all of them.


Here is one with every cost in RP of the Swedish ground vehicle. (The light blue dots are the foldered vehicles)
Average wouldn’t really work considering they would ignore the huge differences caused from 1 or 2 vehicles that are “low” cost. It would only move the huge jump to rank 7 lol and it wouldn’t be accurate to how the grind is.

So it seems like they messed it up when they first added a new rank. No surpised…

yea :/ I hope they fix it but the grind makes them money so i doubt it. (even if having cheaper things with less grind would keep more people playing and probably increase their profits but idk)

sadly wrong, players but premium time + vehicles to grind faster, once they get to top they stop playing ( since play to grind) or stop paying since they have what they want

most people play what they want when they have it and grind for new things that they want after they get the first one. Once someone finishes a nation they don’t usually quit the game, they move onto another one or a different game mode. All making things cheaper (rp and prem vehicles) would do is make people have more vehicles or even finish all nations within their lifetime, letting them play the ones they want. Also im not saying make everything free or super easy to get, just that spending 3 days to get a single vehicle while doing good in the game shouldnt be a thing. Also most people only play one nation because spending ~80$ on a vehicle is a huge investment and they grind with that one thing untill its done, if everything was cheaper they would be able to have more premiums and people who couldnt justify spending 4 years playing this game to play a plane that they saw in an ad or spend 80$ would stick arround instead of play something else. And those who have more money would still spend it just in different places. I cant really see any downsides to this. They would make more money and everyone would enjoy the game more.