General Vehicle Appearance

There has historically been this notion that Aircraft should appear with scratched paint and Armor with mud and rust. However if you look at vehicles such as P-38, F-2A, M-47, M-60, M -103 for example it’s over the top: They look ready for the scrap yard. Why?

Not just because it isn’t historical (because a Military will severely discipline members for not spot painting and performing maintenance on their vehicle, even in the field) but because this subtracts from the game appeal and fun. Lest we forget how much we grind and grind to finally get our M-60 tank, only when we do it looks like total garbage even at 100%. 😟

Even worse Gaijin won’t let Xbox players download or even BUY skins from the content creators for which Gaijin could reward for sales AND MAKE MONEY SELLING TO XBOX PLAYERS.

This is beyond stupid, instead Gaijin elects to offend, annoy, and disappoint players, ignore a slam dunk profit opportunity to accomplish exactly what?

Let all the vehicles look factory new, allow THE PLAYERS decide how worn their vehicle should look and open up a partnership to sell skin content on Xbox live marketplace. Stop giving us the middle finger with how YOU think MY vehicle that I earned should look. 👍

World of Tanks M60 Ready for battle “I want to play this it looks cool.”
M60: обзор американского среднего танка WOT

Warthunder M60 Ready for the Junkyard “I want my money back.”
GarageImage M60.jpg