General thank you and shoutout to the devs for Seek & Destroy

So. Initial thoughts on this update was a bit of fear but I must say - pleasantly surprised to the maximum.

Been running Fox 3 with AIM-120 and R-DARTER all day and so far, everything has felt very balanced. Like, seriously well balanced!

Ground battles I ran in 11.7 US and UK and also, can again say that the experience has been phenomenal comparing to the last few weeks.

Another thing I really appreciate is that my maximum graphics settings feel a bit more “maximum”.

All in all, 10/10 for this <3


I’m having fun right now as a USA main the clickbaiters seem to have moved on… For now.


I have been on WT since update release non stop. For the past year I have been doing 5 hours a day maximum. I have not had this much fun for a very long time in game!

I’m gonna be honest.

I absolutely love everything about this update!

Except one thing

The changes to Big Tunisia.

I adore the map for it’s extreme size and varied terrain, but now it is being flattened and downsized to cater to the lowest common denominator.

This angers me because anyone who pays attention to the forums or reddit will know this is a universally unpopular change among veteran players and those who care enough to engage in WT discussion.

It is still being implemented though, there’s nothing we can do apparently. The wallet warriors must have their head-on engagement at point blank…