General playtest of air-to-air missiles with ARH Seekers (FOX-3)

It’s not meant to be a competitor to the F-14, wut. The F-14 was envisioned as an extremely long-range fleet defence fighter that was meant to shoot down bombers and long-range cruise missiles. The Yak-141 was meant to be a VTOL naval fighter capable of landing on the aviation cruisers of the Soviet Navy.

Also if you’re going to go scorched earth with the “dont give countries stuff they didnt have” route, then you need to remove the F-16AJ, and a number of armaments from various planes in the game. Also you’d have to remove the R-60s from the Yak then, as it was mostly relegated to heli service by the time of the 141’s development.

I also think the Yak-141 is good where its at now, but it could go to 12.3, receive its R-73s, R-77s, and R-27EA/EM, and still be fine there. It has limited hardpoints, gun ammo, and one gimmick for low speed (<500km/h) fighting.

Fr, while I generally don’t like skipping aircraft capabilities in this case Gaijin just needs to jump to the Su-27SM, F-15 MSIP, Typhoons, etc because the current aircraft just aren’t balanced not to mention Japan, Italy, and Germany having nothing at the moment.



Hell yeah we got the derby! Let’s go, Israeli mains rejoice!

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From the first couple of battles playing, all missiles are really mid to poor performance. As someone stated before, they loft and then overshoot the target and then come down. I am guessing that is a bug though. They lose lock way to easily. I have also noticed when they get to lower speed, they spin out like how the R-73 did when it was first on the dev server.


Why is the performance of the pl12, which can be compared to the 120C-5, so unbearable?


So why is Sweden left out, when the Gripen you’ve given ARHs isn’t even meant to carry them? Pretty shit.

Regardless, the missiles are mediocre at best, and often just redundant to a competent SARH at worst. Not to mention the “MICA” is not a MICA.



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BCS we do not have C5 In the test and all the missiles have scuffed performance?

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But R77 is tooooooooooo much stronger than reality

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Also, most of the thing in the test wouldn’t change in the new verson, ex: the vt4/ Pso

No it is worse than the real one right now it’s should be better than aim120a/b but it’s literally worse than it


The true is Gaijin buff both 120a and R77, and debuff pl12


f15j its a f15c basically and yea the f15j can carry the fox3…

No the aim 120a right now is stronger than it should be most likely for tests only and will he better the second patch of this year as they are not coming this patch

We just need to wait for official release not tests


The question is, all of the plane that cn can got in future (J-10/11b/15) are using PL-12, and PL-12 only got 1 verson. So if gaijin give this data in the new verson, the cn air tech is totally suck


J-11A uses R-77, and China has PL-12A and PL-15 and PL-21

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Yea… Playtesting for a few hours and I say that they shouldn’t add FOX-3s…


Well then you will just have to bug report it

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