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Thing is, the SUB-I-II seems to has the exact same cupola and gun mount as the Type 73 APC, and the Type 73 APC machine gun is remotely control from inside the vehicle, so the SUB-I-II should be capable the same ?

Btw the video from devblog didn’t have the gunner outside and the cupola is closed.

But then again we have roof mounted MGs that can shoot while the commander is inside the vehicle regardless if they are RWS or not so i don’t see why the SUB needs its gunner outside.


Is It remotely controlled? I really thought it is not because looks like simple machine gun turret.


The Type 73 armored personnel carrier is a tracked armored vehicle that was officially adopted in December 1973. It features an aluminum hull and can navigate on water when equipped with flotation devices. The 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted on the vehicle can be operated remotely from inside. A total of 338 units were produced.


I really like the Yukari tank videos, they’re very cute.


I would think that It should be remote fired there isnt any hand controls visible on the model at all and ammo amount should be slightly more 50 per ammo box is unrealistic especially with such a high rate of fire there might of been a slow fire setting aswell or single fire mode

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Just wonder, is Japanese tree died (or entering a extremely slow growth)? Few years ago, we can feel the growth started to slow down but at least we still got some new little low BR toys like chi-ha LG and some plane, but recently I just feel like Gaijin just out of Japanese vehicles (exclude naval, nobody play naval) they even stop giving WWII fighter like they used to do.

Partly, it’s due to not having as many vehicles as other nations and partly because Gaijin refuses to add more and fix the existing ones. When new and shiny stuff does get added, it usually gets nerfed in some capacity and its BR is increased (e.g., Type 81). However, a subtree could help attract more attention and potentially encourage Gaijin to add more vehicles.


I wouldn’t say so, there’s still plenty of possible additions.

However those aren’t exactly Gaijins focus, within the ever expanding top tiers of the game earlier ones are somewhat forgotten. They also seem to see the first 4 ranks of the air tree (that outside of naval have the most possible additions) as their version of complete, not really adding anything anymore.

They also seem hung up by the fact that Japan has less overall possible additions than most other nations, as they state they want to “have nations run out of additions at similar times”, so they stretch the smaller nations more. Though I feel this is just talking around “big nation = big money, small nation = small money”

Then there is specific areas and roles that just can’t be filled with what Japan has to offer at all, and thus look really barren. A good example would be the 9.7-11.0 jump.

But I feel like chances are good that we will see some more interest in the tree fairly soon.

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The last two major patches have been particularly exhausting for the Japanese ground forces.

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The wiesel doesn’t have a gunner either right?

Because they’ve been amazing right

Turret shared with the Type 89? Looks like it.


its a type 89 turret just with a lighter hull wich has less HP but its significantly lighter than type 89 wich means it should have even better mobility

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It has 570h.p. engine from Type 16 which is less than Type 89’s but probably hp per weight will be higher

Yes, but I think they will change all electronic to modern one, it will be even cheaper because of much easier repairing. Only question is what they will do with ATGM because Type 79 was decommissioned

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yeah exactly, HP per ton is higher just cuz of the weight reduction

Type 87 ATM, its a possiblity and it can be fired on the move if it ever was added since its beam riding


Ah so no changes to armament or even new ammo, I presume. Bummer.

its just a demonstrator tbf, meant to show you can fit anything onto it even old turrets, altough there was japanese articles stating of developement on new turrets for ifv’s

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I think it won’t use Type 87 because it is much lighter system with less potential especially if we compare with fire-and-forget missiles with similar weight. Type 87 weight is 12kg, when Type 79 is 33kg and Type 01 is 11.4kg. So why is it needed to use Type 87 when can be used Type 01 or even MMPM. But any variant is possible even that it will continue using Type 79 or don’t use any missile

Also beam riding doesn’t mean that vehicle can fire in move, it depends on have the laser sighting the stabilisation system or not. In example is LOSAT which also has beam-riding but can’t launch missiles in move

my guessings is that they would need to make a missile or a modification of the type 01 to be fitted for tanks

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Also to equip Type 87 modification is needed because of beam riding
So if they will use missile and it won’t be Type 79 they have to upgrade all FCS