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I’ve heard from old forum that IJN Ise has hydrophone at 1940s

Is it installed when she converted into hybrid battleship? Or is it installed in 1930s modernization and other Japanese battleships at that time(Fuso, Nagato class) has it?

Seems like since the '30s

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There is a problem here, the hydrophone of that era can be used (almost) only when the ship is stationary, and when there are no other sources of strong noise nearby (for example, allies). The range of hydrophones is limited, from hundreds of meters to a couple of kilometers. Therefore, it is difficult for me to see the practical meaning of such early hydrophones within the game, unless, of course, you were interested in this detail solely from a historical point of view.


Anyone know if there were SAP shells for the Type 3 12.7 cm cannons?

No, this made almost no sense in real life. However, the gaijin should finally implement kinetic penetration for high-explosive shells, this would somewhat improve the situation for the game realities.

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I believe almost all Japanese BBs were fitted with hydrophones by 1940.

Right now it’s only use would be detecting torpedoes. And it would probably require Gaijin to add several mechanics like cavitation, background noise and so on.

Radars on the other had would be useful if they ever decide to remove nametags from enemy ships:

USNTMJ-200B-0023-0110 Report E-01

Noise levels of several ships

USNTMJ-200B-0343-0412 Report E-10
Funny how Hiei sits so low

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So In WT Mobile they are soon to receive a new U.S Missiles ship with SM-1MR, Harpoons…USS Belknap

The closest equivalents for Japan would be the

Tachikaze-class which has SM-1 and 8 Harpoons in the MK.13 system…


And also the Hatakaze-class destroyer
Which has the same armament but has the Harpoons on missile canisters

Just a fun thought 🤣


Hidden Mickey on the foredeck of FFM Mikuma
(Photographed by himself)


It is most important to me as I really hate being hit by torpedo XD. Thanks for good information

Are you Mickey? :O

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Oh thats awesome…also cool your able to see those ships up close

That’s what the crew said, so it’s probably true.

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Huh my post on prefixes got tagged here, Ohh interesting a thread for Japanese warships cool, (unfortunately due to being on the mobile version of the forum I can’t show picture urgh or well at least I don’t think ntm I still don’t understand this new forum), sidenote slight ranting & mild mumbling of random thoughts…

JMSDF thoughts,

As much as I want to see further post war designs the split TT makes it hard imo as seen with most destroyer escorts & a destroyer being in the poxy coastal TT thanks to their light armament (the poxy near useless 3"/50 Mk.22 cannon) while other destroyers are in the bloody bluewater TT it’ll make it hard to add further designs especially those armed with heavier armament like take example if added the JDS Amatsukaze DDG-163.

It has the light armament of the Ayanami class but gets a missile launcher for RIM-24 SAM’s an judging by the placement of the Project 56K Bravyi which tbh I figured would go into the coastal TT saw it instead be placed in the bluewater TT, So if missile destroyers are to be placed there where oh where would DDG-163 go?

Annoying question but the Ayanami class Destroyer is the superfiring Mk.33 mounts magazine meant to be raised above the fore turret magazine? Aye & like minded players have had a chat in game an a few of us agree that it could probably fit snug behind the useless depth charge magazine that is never filled since stern rail/ K-gun depth charges are not on the live server an only in the CDK files.

Of post war ships I really wanna see is a Abukuma class Destroyer Escort from 1992 just to give Japan a larger modernish ship or the earlier Yubari class DDE as well with the former just due to sleekness while the latter gets an interesting mix of armament like another ship with a m/50 mount besides Germany.

Another thing while I’m intrigued by Japanese post war vessels are their any further small vessels that are like sub 400 tonnes the Japanese could get? Besides the current Yuri class LSSL, Type 7 MTB, Type 11 MTB, No 1 class / Sparviero class.

I’ve not done enough research on their post war small vessels sadly so I ask here?

IJN thoughts/some post war ships,

On a sidenote I’d wish they would add further large torpedo boat designs for Imperial japan besides just the current late WWII Chidori class ntm it sucks we don’t get an as designed one with 127 mm/50 3rd year guns & the extra torpedo tubes/ reloads as it would be a forced to be reckoned with or the successor Ōtori class TB or the far older Ikazuchi - Kamikaze TBD’s from 1899 - 1905 (built dates) for low BR options.

Or further Kaibōkan are added as the Shōnan doesn’t cut it especially since it’s missing armament as well (honestly these escort types have more interest to me than any late Battleship), An coming off this Matsu class destroyer/ (also scene mentioned as TB/ Kaibōkan) would be a gem here as well even a post war one at that with post war armament (still those poxy 3"/50’s in Mk.34 mounts) which would make a unique ship.

Originally I thought the added destroyer Momi to be of this type instead of the Momi 1919 yet here we’re…

Another thing I wish to see is the devs remodelling & adding in the IJA Type 5 Escort Boat since in game it’s a hodgepodge between the wooden hull Otus & steel hull Kei-Tei Mod. Kō which slightly drives me crazy that such an error can occur (than again only the famous things shall be fixed though outrage while the obscure are left to rot in unfinished states, Referring to the destroyer Shimakaze debacle of the aft superfiring Type D mount being missing pre release).


On the topic of larger IJN coastal boats, currently waiting for them to approve my suggestion on the 1-GO fast transporter.

It can’t carry torpedoes but it is pretty fast and would pack a punch if placed in the coastal TT


Good. At least in the age of torpedo & submarine there might be chance. Especially Japanese battleship carries anti-submarine round for auxiliaries(I’m not sure it carries depth charge for hydroplane)

Besides, cruiser didn’t carry hydroplane while battleship and destroyers carry? that’s quite interesting


Ohh I’ve seen that picture before although that was eons ago (ten odd years back), Say is that the same 12.7 cm/40 Type 89 mount from the AA Cruiser Isuzu?

I could definitely see this being a “coastal” TT ship but ehh the economics & progression of that TT needs to be seriously revised.

In a headon battle that vessel will be alright but those main battery HAA guns will suffer against some ships but the LAA guns will be good if sub 4.0.

Quickly relooking into this ship I’ve read those rails could carry Type A Kō-hyōteki midget submarines, It would be interesting if a player could launch those like a floatplane using the transport as a mothership hidden around landmass & use them for sneak attacks on certain maps.


For smaller JMSDF combat vessels, there is the successor to the Type 1 missile boat (the PG02’s class), which is the 240-ton Hayabusa-class, which carries the Type 90 SSM, as well as a 76-mm Otobreda, and 2x 12.7mm MGs.

This class is set to be reinforced by the new, as-of-yet constructed 1900-ton patrol ship, an OPV-type vessel, supposedly starting this year.


Japan Coast Guard ships are also fair game, I think. Tonnage from a little more than a 100 tons to nearly 7400 tons can be seen throughout their past and current fleet.

Armament ranges from a single 12.7mm MG mount on their oldest and one of their smallest vessels,

to 2x20mm JM61s and 2x35mm Oerlikons/40mm Bofors on their largest and newest.

While I am not a particular fan of using wikipedia sources, using these lets one see how many ships the JMSDF and JCG actually fielded, and allows for further research using more trustworthy sources. Please use the Japanese language version of Wikipedia to see more ships. The English version is sorely lacking.



I agree, right now the tree is too vertical and it requires too much RP to unlock a sub-par to okay-ish ship.

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Ive commented this on the Siam-Japanese proposal originally but might as well post it here as well.

BRP Rajah Humabon / JDS Hatsuhi / USS Atherton
Cata Raya Chita!

US Navy Service

One of the last World War II era ships to ever been decommissioned. DE-169 or USS Atherton is a Cannon-Class Destroyer Escort laid down in January 14, 1943. She was first sent for ASW patrol duties around the waters of the Caribbean and then was transferred to Task Force 62 for escort duties for transatlantic convoys. It was with this that she earned her famous kill when she destroyed U-853 close to Rhode Island using depth charge attacks with the newly developed Hedgehog mortars. This was credited as the sinking of the last German submarine attack in American waters in WW2.

Before being decommissioned, her crew received these awards:

JMSDF Service

Post-war she was decommissioned and transferred as a loan to the newly formed JMSDF as the JDS Hatsuhi (DE-263) in 1955 to bolster its capabilities while the ships of the JMSDF were still being built under the terms of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. She was joined with JDS Asahi (USS Amick / BRP Datu Sikatuna) where they both served until being decommissioned from JMSDF service in 1975.

Philippine Navy Service

Remained laid-up in Japan, she was transferred to the Philippine government on 13 September 1976 and was Transferred as an Excess Defense Article on 23 December 1978. She was then towed to South Korea where she received an extensive refit and modernization in 1979 and was then commissioned as BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-6) classifying it as a frigate under the new Philippine Navy Standards. She served as the backbone of the Philippine Navy with her sister ship BRP Rajah Sikatuna where she served as the Navy’s flagship. She served until 1993 but was recalled and overhauled back into service in 1996 with a new hull number (PF-11) where she served until being decommissioned in March 15, 2018. Planned to be placed as a museum ship, she was sadly sunk during a storm on October 30, 2022.


Cannon Class Specs Drawing based on sister ship USS Swearer (DE-186)


Now the specs and armaments of the ship vary mostly in 2 overall stages. Before and After its overhaul and refit in 1979 with more minor refits during its recommissioning in 1996. As such I will split this section in 2 main parts.


JDS Hatsuhi

PRE-1979 Refit


  • 1,390 tons standard
  • 1,620 tons full load


  • 306 ft (93 m) o/a
  • 300 ft (91 m) w/l



  • 21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph)


  • 10,800 nmi (20,000 km) at 12 kn (22 km/h; 14 mph)


BRP Rajah Humabon

POST-1979 Refit


  • 1,240 long tons (1,260 t) standard
  • 1,620 long tons (1,646 t) full


  • 306 ft (93 m) o/a
  • 300 ft (91 m) w/l


  • 2 × GM-EMD 16-645E7 (Turbo) Main Diesel Engines, 2 x GM-EMD 8-268A Auxiliary Diesel Engines, 1 x GM-EMD 3-268A Auxiliary Diesel Engine combined output of 300 kW, 2 x screws


  • 18 knots maximum sustained
  • 21 knots top speed


  • 10,800 nmi (20,000 km) at 12 kn (22 km/h; 14 mph)


Sensors and Processing Systems

  • Raytheon AN/SPS-64(V)11 Surface Search and Navigational Radar
  • Furuno navigation radar
  • AN/SQS-17B Hull mounted Sonar
  • Mk.52 GFCS with Mk.41 Rangefinder for 3-inch (76 mm) guns
  • 3 × Mk.51 GFCS for 40 mm guns

How will it function in-game?

There have been multiple proposals for the Canon Class Destroyer Escorts to be placed in the game as 3.7 Destroyers. In the Siam-Japanese proposal however, HTMS Pinklao which is a sister ship was placed as a coastal ship so it could still work at a max of 4.3.

What I envision it in the game however is to be some sort of prototype to give developers a feel if they should implement dynamic BR based on installed modifications (and dynamic vehicles based on installed modifications as well). If the player chooses to remove the radar and sensor suite, in exchange of having ASW weaponry, and inferior AA guns - players could play it as a 3.7 destroyer but if it chooses to have the radar and sensory suite, in exchange for not having ASW weaponry, and superior AA guns, they could get the vehicle upped in BR to 4.0. Whatever modifications were chosen though could also change the name of the ship with it either being the JDS Hatsuhi or BRP Rajah Humabon.

How will it fit in the Japanese Tech Tree?

Even though it is basically an American ship, it has a unique history of being under the service of three different navies and is the longest active service WW2 ship iirc. However my original intention had always been that it should be a part of a Siam subtree as a premium sidegrade of its sister, HTMS Pinklao. Anyways if the BRP Rajah Humabon post 1979 refit is chosen as the basis of its model, it can still be quite a fun vehicle that has radar on WW2.

More Photos:

Atherton_1 (1)

USS Atherton


* USS Moberly conducts a Hedgehog attack on U-853, USS Atherton in distance. HH-NH48872*

JDS Hatsuhi in another angle

BRP Rajah Humabon Decommissioning

jcr_content (1)

BRP Rajah Humabon partly submerged in its dock after Typhoon Paeng