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Girls and panzer anime decal 🤣

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I have not had the glorious opportunity to see this anime

Oh wait fr? Im tempted to watch it ngl lol

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Just do it! It’s fun and has a ton of historical references

You definitely should, I enjoyed it more than Fury lol

When was this made? It has the ZBD04A and the AH-1W from the other leaks, including the Chinese one.

Hmmm… Looking at it I very much remember it being from like, before the December update, since I recall seeing a fake as hell list with the premium Type 90 on it (Don’t even know what the Rentai-Honbu part of that would be referring to) and a Ki-84. I could be wrong though, but that’s what I’m recalling.

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Probably a command tank considering a rough translation would be Headquarters Division.

Edit: So a Type 90 with a nice skin if I’d have to guess WT Live // Camouflage by TSGT

I got bored.

Type 5 Chi-Ri [Existed as a prototype]

Type 5 Ho-Ri I Alt 1 [Never existed, one known wooden mockup]

Type 5 Ho-Ri I Alt 2 [Never existed]

Type 5 Ho-Ri II [Accepted for mass-production, only parts are prepared]


I hope we get the Ho-Ri II with the 25 mm AA

Also it seems the model in-game is missing some parts, like the roof hatches

These Ke-Ni variants would be interesting

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Always assumed Alt 2 was Alt 1 as a testing bed while the one in-game was the final design which was tested with the Jagtiger-like configuration.

Ho-Ri I

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Ho-Ri II

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Probably won’t happen. Mainly due to it not existing. With the 25mm’s that is.


The concept of sloped armor was initially proposed, yet it encountered hesitation due to concerns about removing the hull-mounted 37mm gun. This hesitation stemmed from the desire to maintain a secondary armament for self-defense during main armament reloading intervals. Additionally, the 37mm gun was intended to serve a dual purpose, acting not only as a defensive weapon but also as a smoke shell launcher akin to a grenade launcher.


The design blueprint depicting the Ho-Ri II from Mauswaffe showcases its intended configuration accurately. It was planned to be equipped with a Type 4 20 mm twin anti-aircraft gun mounted on the engine deck, mirroring the setup of the Jagdtiger with its MG-42.

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Given that the Ho-Ri I alt 1 only existed as a wooden mockup lacking intricate details such as hatches or doors, much of its depiction relies on artistic interpretation.

But i do think that the Ho-Ri I scale models tend to look cooler than what we have in the game.


I suggest adding the Type 5 To-Ku to the game for players who missed the Type 3 Ka-Chi and enjoy the 25 mm anti-aircraft automatic cannon. The Japanese Navy ordered Mitsubishi to produce 20 To-Ku in 1945, but the work did not progress due to Allied bombing and remained unfinished. The To-Ku had mostly the same design as the Ka-Chi, but the cylindrical pressure hull for submarine transport was simplified to make it suitable for mass production. I understand that some players dislike paper tanks, but the To-Ku is not so much a fantasy when considered as a variant of the Ka-Chi.

Tomio Hara, Denji Eimori, Japanese Tanks Volume 2, 1961, Tokyo: Shuppan Kyodo Sha, pp. 122-123


Not sure why they wanted to keep the 37 mm, it doesn’t seem that useful and makes chassis weaker. The 47 mm would’ve been a better choice imo