General Dynamics F-111C (Early and Late versions)

I would love to see any other aardvarks added, wish I had the time to grind for it, has any aardvarks had a arh or sarh missile? Has any aardvarks had an aim 9x? Or smt that can rip g’s like Nthn

Thanks everyone

Only the F-111B did, it was the original platform for the AWG-9/AIM-54 before the F-14 Tomcat was designed and proved superior to the Aardvark for the fleet-defense role, so the F-111B was cancelled and never mass-produced. As for 9X’s, those came into service after the F-111 was retired, best you’d get is a 1991 Gulf War spec F-111F with AIM-9M’s. And the F-111 is too portly to ever be really that maneuverable, it was a heavy-weight strike jet after all, no nimble fighter.

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Something something F-111D had a radar capable of guiding semi actives like the sparrow. Dont know if it had a rail (idk maybe used a F-11B rail ¯_(ツ)_/¯) or wiring or anything, but I guess it’s a possibility that gaijin could add it and that armament as an option, seeing as the Yak-141 exists…

They had the YAIM-7G which was compatible with the radar. But since the F-111D avionics just never worked it never went into production. Not that that would matter for Warthunder.

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Certainly to my knowledge the Australians never had anything better than 9Ms on their F-111s for air to air.

It seems the AIM-7G itself never entered production anyways, probably due to the problematic development of the F-111D. What was its difference between the 7F and 7G anyways? All I can find on it is the fact that it existed, and nothing more lol

I never found much info, even has very little and that site generally has a lot of info.

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7G was aerodynamically identical to the 7F, it just had a seeker tuned to the Ku-band radar of the 111D
In fact, the few produced were modified AIM-7Fs and not new missiles
In-game the missiles would be exactly identical