BT-7A (L-11)

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BT-7A (L-11)

Today I would like to suggest the BT-7A with an L-11 cannon. It is based on the BT-7 Artillery version, an old suggestion for which is here. The BT-7A (L-11) is related to the BT-7A (F-32), as both variants were tested on the same chassis, which for some reason was originally finished without a gun. Unfortunately information on this vehicle is sparse, but I will do my best to describe it.

Quick Introduction

The BT-7 Artillery was designed as a close infantry support weapon based on the BT chassis, and the hull was strengthened to allow the firing of a 76mm (3in) gun. The turret was similar to the turret of the T-26-4 or the T-28, designed to fit the same 76mm short barreled howitzer. 153 were made, but 21 were finished with standard BT turrets and a single one was finished without a gun at all. This single tank is the one that would later be used to test both the L-11 and F-32.


In principle, the BT-7A (L-11) is just a slightly different BT-7A (F-32).
Like the other BT-7s, this version does not have very much armor. The guns, the L-11 and F-32, are modeled with extremely similar penetration. They both use the BR-350A (MD-5) with 78mm penetration, and the same OF-350M HE and the Sh-354T shrapnel shell. The F-32 gets the BR-350B (MD-8) shell, with 88mm penetration, while the L-11 gets the BR-350SP solid shot with 90mm penetration. Although, both the L-11 and F-32 are the same 76.2x385mm caliber, so they could get the same shells theoretically. Unlike the BT-7A (F-32), the L-11 version does not have an MG on the roof. Other than that, the tanks are very similar, and would likely play the same.



  • L-11 76.2mm cannon
  • 7.62 DT machine gun

Engine - M-17T, 450hp

Mass - 13.7t, similar to BT-7A (F-32)

Power/Weight - 32.85hp/t

Suspension - Christe

Max Speed

  • 72-86kph (road)
  • 50kph (off-road)


This is a tank I would really like to see added, as it could fill the gap in USSR light tanks that is present between the T-80 and PT-76B. Personally I think it should be rank III, and the BT-7A (F-32) should also be moved to rank III, with both at the same BR. The difference in the two guns would be the difference between the two tanks, but I think that they are similar enough to be the same BR.



Reposted from a suggestion of mine, here.


This is one of the vehicle top in my wishlist! I want to play it so bad, so wishing it will be in techtree.

After watching spookston’s video, my urge to play this has intensified. Really want this in tech tree.

very good sidegrade to the exclusive bt7-f32. Should be premium if ever added, but a t28 l-11 would be a better choice before that (since there’s already a similar version in game).

The only reason I thought tech tree is so that it could be the USSR “equivalent” of the M24 Chaffee, and given that they have basically no light tanks its basically the only option.

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Agree, either way making it a premium will be pointless, we have the F-32 already. I really want to play this vehicle, so tech tree will be good.

Yeah. Plus, if you really wanted another Soviet low-tier light tank premium, you could literally just give them the M24 since they got one through lend-lease. +1 for tech tree.

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What a beast! I believe the Soviet tech tree really needs a Rank II light tank since the only light tank in that range is the BT-7A (F-32), which costs (at the time of writing) 62GC and leaves Rank II without any scouting/light tank. It can also be used for other rank lineups since the BTs are such a versatile family of tanks.


Will make people take this BT over BT-5 to top tier battles, just to unleash the 76mm beast.

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didn’t people take the BT-7M over the BT-5?

nah, BT-5 gets the reserve vehicle spawn point benifit. But this could work at top tier.