BT-7A (L-11)

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BT-7A (L-11)

Today I would like to suggest the BT-7A with an L-11 cannon. It is based on the BT-7 Artillery version, an old suggestion for which is here. The BT-7A (L-11) is related to the BT-7A (F-32), as both variants were tested on the same chassis, which for some reason was originally finished without a gun. Unfortunately information on this vehicle is sparse, but I will do my best to describe it.

Quick Introduction

The BT-7 Artillery was designed as a close infantry support weapon based on the BT chassis, and the hull was strengthened to allow the firing of a 76mm (3in) gun. The turret was similar to the turret of the T-26-4 or the T-28, designed to fit the same 76mm short barreled howitzer. 153 were made, but 21 were finished with standard BT turrets and a single one was finished without a gun at all. This single tank is the one that would later be used to test both the L-11 and F-32.


In principle, the BT-7A (L-11) is just a slightly different BT-7A (F-32).
Like the other BT-7s, this version does not have very much armor. The guns, the L-11 and F-32, are modeled with extremely similar penetration. They both use the BR-350A (MD-5) with 78mm penetration, and the same OF-350M HE and the Sh-354T shrapnel shell. The F-32 gets the BR-350B (MD-8) shell, with 88mm penetration, while the L-11 gets the BR-350SP solid shot with 90mm penetration. Although, both the L-11 and F-32 are the same 76.2x385mm caliber, so they could get the same shells theoretically. Unlike the BT-7A (F-32), the L-11 version does not have an MG on the roof. Other than that, the tanks are very similar, and would likely play the same.



  • L-11 76.2mm cannon
  • 7.62 DT machine gun

Engine - M-17T, 450hp

Mass - 13.7t, similar to BT-7A (F-32)

Power/Weight - 32.85hp/t

Suspension - Christe

Max Speed

  • 72-86kph (road)
  • 50kph (off-road)


This is a tank I would really like to see added, as it could fill the gap in USSR light tanks that is present between the T-80 and PT-76B. Personally I think it should be rank III, and the BT-7A (F-32) should also be moved to rank III, with both at the same BR. The difference in the two guns would be the difference between the two tanks, but I think that they are similar enough to be the same BR.



Reposted from a suggestion of mine, here.


This is one of the vehicle top in my wishlist! I want to play it so bad, so wishing it will be in techtree.

After watching spookston’s video, my urge to play this has intensified. Really want this in tech tree.