GE refund

I might be an idiot for asking this, but is there a way to ask for a refund for something falsely advertised by other players?

Specifically, I’m requesting a refund for GE on a squadron vehicle that people said was good for grinding the tech tree when apparently it’s not.


If you have already used it then no you can not get your GE refunded. If you haven’t used it yet then you might be able to get it back by making a support ticket on the WT support site.

May I ask which one you bought?

I’ve purchased the F5E FCU

Edit: I’ve used it for 2 matches and that’s it. Could gaijin give me a chance cuz Reddit doesn’t seem to be truthful on squadron vehicle specifics

Ahh ok. I am actually researching it rn.

Anyways, it’s basically the same thing as a TT vehicle when it comes to researching. It can do one tier above and one below.

Can I also ask how these other players “advertised” it? Like what did they say about it?

Here’s an example

“Defyn and other CCs made some videos about it. It seems a good plane in general and a very good plane to grind top tier Japan tree.”

From this, either I can’t read or think properly or they didn’t specify the squadron vehicle fine print

Ehhh idk. I know that they give GE back for accidentally buying premium vehicles as long as you never used them (I did this myself once). But idk about using it even 2 times. I guess you could try an make a support ticket on it and explain how you only used it twice, but I just wouldn’t get my hopes up.

For the record, I’ve found something else from the Warthundersim Reddit

“Yeah in like 4-6 months or more with my current squadron research progress. It was my birthday and I got some Xbox gift cards and opted to treat myself. My intention was to make something that I could grind high tier Japan with, and I don’t really like phantoms in general and their premium one was particularly bad. This lets me grind out top tier Japan while flying something I genuinely enjoy and tend to do quite well in. I’m not going to say you should all go out and spend the money, but I bet I’m having a better time than a lot of people who bought the F-20A or F-4EJ ADTW are and I spent less than either of them”

This made me think that squadron vehicles have similar benefits as premiums, but they also didn’t tell me the caveats of squadrons

That last part is the catch. It probably is a very good plane. But it doesn’t get the premium perks of being able to research everything below and one tier above. It only gets the normal research benefits. They technically didn’t false advertise, you probably just didn’t read that last part correctly like you said

Whoops… my mistake then… TAT

Again it has that part about specifically being able to research top tier, not the rest of the TT

Yeah I can see how you got misled by that, but it’s just that one catch

Lol yeah

I guess that’s $50 down the drain…

but what can I do now… (ㅠ﹏ㅠ)

Yeah… I’m sorry you got misled. But hey now you know to not buy squadron vehicles with GE

Have fun 😂

Play it and research the modules. There really isn’t a “bad” F5. All jets have their style you have to learn. Don’t expect to be raking in the kills in a new jet you’ve no experience with, especially at those br’s

Just out of curiosity to salvage the purchase, but how long does it take to get to Japan rank VI naturally?

Edit: actually, at least rank V since I get bonuses at rank 6 and above

My idea of fun would probably not be like wanting to join the Paris Catacombs in shame with that amount of cash gone…*

Either way, at least I can prepare myself for the F5C for the Christmas sale… and hopefully the Japan grind to Rank V is fast enough.

*no really. that mistake kinda took some years off me financially/emotionally…

Yeah I guess that too

I do have experience in early jets (F-86/MiG 15), so this should be somewhat familiar to me.

Speaking of which, how long would it take if I grinded Japan from Rank I all the way to Rank V without premium vehicles? I could do premium time if it’s cheap enough, but it’s just out of my eagerness to salvage my mistake…

That’s totally up to you and your skill but the Japanese props are some of the easiest and most fun to play in the game. I recommend playing and enjoying them. Super fun tree.

I was just asking for an estimation of time for me to get to Rank V to get the benefits of the squadron. but I’ve heard many positive things on Japanese props so that could ease some pain…

(Maybe being a US and Japan main won’t be so bad eventually…)