GE for reports

hey i think i well help ppl reporte more cheaters if they get payed in GE for reporteing cheaters like 50GE per banned cheater


hey ppl you need to support on this so we can get the game clean out of cheaters

Don’t wanna support it because it should be about getting rid of cheaters… Your payment is being able to play without cheaters… Duh fuck

They’re not getting rid of cheaters, not in any sort of acceptable pace anyways.

Most likely because the amount of reports they get that aren’t actual cheaters. They have to look through all of those and then when they manage to find the one report of a real cheater they handle it.

So that’s where they can easily get the community involved, I’d gladly watch a replay of a suspected cheater if there’s some compensation for it, do the same thing CS:GO does with Overwatch.

I’ve been waiting for a cheater to get banned for over a year now, which is clear evidence to me that Gaijin isn’t up to the task of dealing with cheaters and/or just doesn’t care enough.

Create a replay system with names made to be anonymous to avoid witchhunting, and implement a verdict system where you can vote if you believe something is innocent, a cheater and a few steps inbetween like suspicious but not confirmed.

Based on the outcome of these votes, perhaps limited to players who have a certain level of experience in the game, Gaijin can prioritize dealing with the blatant cases and not waste time on the replays where the suspect is found to be innocent by the majority.

and how many ppl reporte cheats non cua they know they well be back on a new account
and ppl, dont wantr to wast 10mins sitting and reporte cheater all day lkong cuz the game have the WROSt report systme i have ever seen

they get the name of t he guy and see alot of this newbi kids whit ther ESP it is not hard toi see after just looking 10 secs on them you see them fleicking the gun from 1 target to the next and it is in to walls and stuff and aimbot wene you get shot P center mass it’s aimbot and somtimes ther aimbot go crazy and they keep trying to shoot you in the the hill and they land 15 shots on the ground infront of you

well i know most of 50+% of the player base dont know a cheater if it so land ontop of his head

Hence why you limit it to experienced players for one, and then if you let a 100 people watch it, it should get a pretty reasonably accurate outcome if someone is cheating or not.

Either way it wouldn’t lead to bans or anything as Gaijin would have to review it, but considering they clearly do not have a system that detects cheats, I don’t see why their opinion on a cheater is more valid than ours as they’d also just watch the footage.

There is no GE compensation for reporting anyone in-game for any reason. As always, we strongly encourage users to report individuals who you suspect may be botting or cheating through the Server Replay. This is also not the place to make a suggestion. You can make a suggestion below, but you MUST follow the guidelines or else your post will not be approved.