Gay Archer at 2.3?

What is going on with the Gay archer being at this BR range? It just gets shredded.

It’s coastal. They’ve compressed what could and perhaps should be at least 5 or 6, maybe even more BRs compressed into 3/3.5 BRs to keep them in before destroyers.

Wouldn’t call Hoquiam worst thing u can see at least its slow and spawns far away in dd spawns. Something like PG 02 way worse threat u have to deal with u have little going for against. we only get like 1 average br change for costal every br update at this rate mode will be balanced in few years it pretty sad devs dont do anything with the balance.


Yep, that’s naval balance in a nutshell and that’s why its a dead game mode.

The problem here is that the Gay Archer is a Battle Pass vehicle, its not the free vehicle, its behind a paywall. It should not be THAT bad…

We also has a pr.123bis at 2.3 ,which only has 4 .50cal

There are far more terrifying things then a Tacoma class Frigate plus it has a DD spawn while stuck at 20kts.

To combat a Copuiam as FlippedStug jokingly call it one time in an enlisted stream, Is to either attack from direct front or rear for those 3" guns can’t fire due to some blasted bloody safety bars (the aft 3" can fire forwards but only if the ship is angled slightly) these guns also cannot hould break so it’s death by a thousand cuts, the 40 mm bofors mounts can aim afterwards as well but have some dodgy arcs to do so but cannot aim forwards the only forward defence is the two bridgewing 20 mm oerlikons which ain’t great imo since it’s a mixed belt or a hedgehog naval mortar that’s set to 600 metres.

The thing is dangerous side on but is easy to combat & I’ve founder many a times to MTB’s with it especially with torpedoes I can’t dodge due to my slow speed & poor turning ability or come under artillery attack which will wipe out a crap load of crew.

TBH I’d be more worried about small craft spawning Subchaser, Corvettes, Naval Trawlers, Minesweepers, Aviation recovery vessels Drache, hydrofoils then a fat & slow frigate with many of those either getting mass for defence, autocannons everywhere or a 4" gun for hullbreaking or all three.

The Gay class “could” go to 2.0 but such decisions may see many similar ships placed there like example the Attack class which is still stuck at 2.7 somehow.

Indeed, the PG02 is insane. And it’s surprisingly resilient. With 40mm I can shred most PT boats in a quick burst. But with a PG02, even if I catch one which is unaware of me, sitting, and aiming in the opposite direction, I open up with the 40mm, I spray the PG02 for many seconds, got at least 20 hits in or more, and it’s barely damaged! And then it points at me and I’m dead in an eyeblink.
Even a lucky hit on its gun doesn’t help much, as it is repaired almost instantly!

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it is almost like they think being posted to the naval section is a punishment for not being useful anywhere else and they are determined to show everyone how much they hate the posting
which is the nicest way i could figure out to state the obvious