Gamemodes and Maps

I am a fairly new player but have grinded two lines to top tier at this point and one of my biggest gripes - there are quite a few at this point - with the game are the gamemodes especially on certain maps. Overall i find myself complaining about single cap matches and home cap defence (each team has their home cap close to their spawns - i dont know what its actually called).

Single cap versions are generally accompanied by single spawns per side. Especially at higher br´s someone is bound to just rush into a spot to just afk spawncamp if the maplayout doesnt already allow to shot spawn to spawn (f.e. fields of poland). Though i´d like to fault players for this behaviour its just an effective playstyle but it certainly plays a part in 1 death leavers and overall player frustration. Missing the ability to at least spawn at a different location is something that is needed in my opinion. I wouldnt even be opposed to having 3 spawn locations on larger maps.

When it comes to the home base defence type maps its a personal distaste for campy play. losing any incentive or pressure to move forward in a fairly static game by default results in exceptionally boring ridge/corner peaking games with little to no movement.

The triple cap layout is what i personally define as the classic WT gamemode and is by far the most enjoyable to me and i wish it was way more frequent as it currently appears to be. I am very curious what your guys take is on the topic of gamemodes.

Battle mode (what you refer to as home cap defence) is my favourite by a country mile. Many vehicles that are “not in meta”, like tank destroyers and designated snipers, really shine here, which fits my gameplay. They also tend to be the ones that last the longest. It’s a test of endurance for both teams, which you rarely see in normal matches, and they almost universally go down to the wire, with only a few players left per team at the end, meaning you can make a large individual difference.

The single cap is the fastest gameplay option, the three caps are the middle ground.

I understand your preference, but I would invite you to consider that the game is already heavily skewed towards quick action (because it keeps the matchmaker queue times short). The maps grow smaller and smaller, sniping spots keep getting removed, and battle missions are the most infrequent of the three variants by far.

Players like me who prefer slow and thoughtful play, or long-range engagements (and the very situational machines that shine here and would be useless everywhere else), are already greatly underserved by the current game balance. To the point that if we had a free BR selection in sim, I’d honestly just play that every day and never even look at ground RB again.