Game rewards not being updated for Italy/France

There are two awards for these nations for battles at Tunisia etc, with victory and 60% battle activity.

How come the last 10 matches I’ve played these nations meeting these conditions it is not being updated?? These rewards are hard enough as it is and you deserve to back date all players that fill the conditions and not being honored as such. Screenshots attached of achieving conditions and the award for Italy in question…

Now if “Battle of Tunisia” Isn’t Tunisia… Then you need to update the stupid names of your maps…

Seeing as reading comprehension is not one of your strong skills. It says tank battle for Tunisia, so it means the GRB Tunisia map, not ARB.

right under the medal, the text says " missions won :10/500 SB (x3) RB (x2) " simulator and realistic battles only

My reading isn’t good? It says tank battle for El-Alamein bra. Tunisia just says Tunisia.

Yes, I know it says that. But if you read the topic it says it’s NOT being updated and again if you look at the screen shot it says Air REALISTIC battle and the SB and RB is only the modifier, Arcade still counts. I’ve obviously played a few previous games that have counted towards it, seeing I am level 100.

yeah, sorry being totally useless. could be Tunisia ground ??

No, it’s just Gaijin being Gaijin… I played AirRB El Alamain and it counted, but AirRB Tunisia does not. So what it say’s counts/doesn’t count is very confusing. Hence Gaijin need to sort it out and for these type of awards being so hard with it being map depended + map rotation being pretty bad as per the rest of the forum complaints. They should do something about it.