Game randomly crashes after dying!

verified the integrity of game files dying in Air Battles. There is no error message or anything just back to desktop instantly. It doesn’t happen every death and sometimes the game runs fine for an hour or 2 and other times it crashes after every 2 or 3 deaths.


  • cleared the cache
  • installed the newest nvidia drivers
  • verifyed the integrity of game files
  • reinstalled the game on two different hard drives

I have the exact same issue, and tried the same solutions. Game crashes about every 30-45 min on death, or on end of match.

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I have the exact same issue.

Im running:

  • RTX 4090
  • Intel i9-13900KS
  • 64 GB DDR5 Memory.

I recently have updated my graphics card driver to see if this is the issue, but it seems to be happening specifically when i crash with a plane in GRB, not everytime but after about 30 minutes gameplay. Dying in a tank is fine.


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Same problem here kinda, but always when I die in a plane in grb. And only if I can spawn in more vehicles.

Same problem. 4090 + 13000K.

Crashes after air death in RB, or even if I win the match it will just hard crash the game if I’m in a plane at the end.

Posts all over about it for months and months and months…

Yep, same issue in air battles on dying or hitting the “M” key for the map. Did all the fixes posted but no change.