Game randomly crashes after dying!

verified the integrity of game files dying in Air Battles. There is no error message or anything just back to desktop instantly. It doesn’t happen every death and sometimes the game runs fine for an hour or 2 and other times it crashes after every 2 or 3 deaths.


  • cleared the cache
  • installed the newest nvidia drivers
  • verifyed the integrity of game files
  • reinstalled the game on two different hard drives

I have the exact same issue, and tried the same solutions. Game crashes about every 30-45 min on death, or on end of match.

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I have the exact same issue.

Im running:

  • RTX 4090
  • Intel i9-13900KS
  • 64 GB DDR5 Memory.

I recently have updated my graphics card driver to see if this is the issue, but it seems to be happening specifically when i crash with a plane in GRB, not everytime but after about 30 minutes gameplay. Dying in a tank is fine.


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Same problem here kinda, but always when I die in a plane in grb. And only if I can spawn in more vehicles.

Same problem. 4090 + 13000K.

Crashes after air death in RB, or even if I win the match it will just hard crash the game if I’m in a plane at the end.

Posts all over about it for months and months and months…

Yep, same issue in air battles on dying or hitting the “M” key for the map. Did all the fixes posted but no change.

This is it, it is not the “after death” but when the MAP shows after death.

Been happening to me for MONTHS.

I realized it is not after AB death, it is the MAP after you die because it can happen when you check the map too.

It happens more when I have a booster active or working on a task.
I think it is Ganjins way of ensuring everything takes longer.

It is 100% for sure not an end user problem but more of a handicap placed on us by the game.

Same issue I got brand new pc, rtx 4090 / 7800x3D.

Checking the map feels like playing russian roulette. Everytime I die it’s frustration. Fix it Gaijin!

You should check that other thread then to be honest, as we did have progress in it…

But this is just something if people haven’t got a fix for this, but it doesn’t excuse not doing the simple steps at the start of this thread that we’re in.

Now with the ‘cleared the cache’ it needs to be specified that it’s the cache FOLDER inside the game folder, not just the PCs cache.

Don’t panic, it’s not none of your rigs (PC’s), it’s the game. I’ve had the occasional crash-out to desktop for a couple of months. Sometimes I can nearly go a whole week without a crash-out to desktop, and then sometimes I might even get 2 or 3 in one day. Really, Really annoying when I’ve activated a Booster.

I knew it had something to do with WT because, it didn’t happen to any other games I played, and the too consistant crashes “only when I died”. Then I just quickly log back in and click to “re-join game”.

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I turned on Vsync and it stopped crashing for now. Too many frames?🥴


I have this issue too. Ryzen 7 5800x3D / RTX4090. The too many frames theory sounds valid since everyone here seems to have quite powerful PC’s.

Not sure on that. I run the “Full Ultra HQ (111.0GB)” game and the graphics are the “optimised” settings via GeForce Experience. During the game I always get between 115 to 130fps. Surely, that’s not too many?

Have you tried using the limiter? Could be something to test.

Do you also crash in the map itself?

I’ve had the same issue. I managed to fix it by removing most nvidea things from my PC however it’s recently returned for whatever reason. It’s insane that it’s been over half a year at least and Gaijn still hasn’t fixed it.

By your reasoning though, it would hint to a config issue or a conflict issue.

I’d check the settings, and even try using the Geforce Experience ‘optimized’ but tweaked back a tad settings.

(Edit - I’d also suggest checking the vsync settings and seeing what you can figure out. Either to set it to normal vsync, or to set the v refresh to force the non 120+ back to the 50/60 of normal.

Just to see if that would affect it)

No mate. The only time I get a crash-out to desktop is only when i die. Not in the map or anything else, just with a death. I haven’t had a crash out for 4 days so far. I will give V-sync a go but it will take at least a week to see if it has made any difference; unless I get a crash-out the 1st or 2nd day i try.

Yea, sporadic crashes suck, hope you get some good results.

I had a different crash-out this time. It was when the round finished 5 mins ago. He said, "We have won… blah, blah, blah, and then it crashed. That’s the 1st one of those i’ve had.

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xD It’s progress :)