Game play is just horrible

The game play is just horrible lately. So many low level players quitting after one death. The map designs and layouts are unbearable. the overall game play is just down right garbage!


Thing is, this is more players than the game being the reason.

I’ve always mentioned about those who are all cut up about the game being blind to the point that they’re passing that on to the new players and they then decide not to bother because everyone says it’s a waste of time relying on your team, it’s no point to respawn because CAS/flankers/spawncampers, and the overwhelming mass of ‘psychics’ who can decide whether or not a match is winnable within the first 5 minutes…

These are the players who are responsible for the negativity, because it’s all they ever put out.

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i didnt play this game long but can see so many issues

cant blame players quit after dying because game is just not fun to continue on for reasons

its a mess but the fans and gaijin as usual brush it aside

I will be that one person that says this:
The gameplay does become a lot nicer when you dont play 322 games in a week.

So while i understand the dedication, i will also warn against it due to the frustration it causes.

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Agree, but the game model is set up for a massive grind so…

Ive just had 4 games in a row over half is full of newbies from either res-1.0 or up to lvl 6 facing players of lvl 50 or more what’s the point in waiting to play if the MM is going to produce a team with players hardly out of reserves .Its a waste of boosters ,time and effort not only that all they wanna do is get a plane and bomb just like good old air battles .
Objectives mean nothing as long as they can bomb someone