Game needs a battlefield like conquest mode with maps to support it

War thunder would benefit greatly from a battlefield like conquest mode with a lot of the same aspects.

• Combined arms
• Massive maps (scaled properly for different BRs)
• Proper Ticket drain(one death = one ticket)
• TPM (Tickets per minute based off of how many flags are held)
• Unlimited spawns ( there is no need for limited spawns)
• Well designed maps with balance over realism.

Having the ability to for instance play in top tier on maps that are 20km x 20km. Not based on a single city but rather a city with surrounding country side with multiple objectives selectively placed around the map to provide CQB and open ranges for all play styles, and it would give CAS the ability to spawn out of range of all SPAA and give them the ability to think about their approach before even being picked up on radar.

This would make games longer, more fun and encourages people to get better and act as a team better, on a plus side the rewards would being going up since you aren’t limited by spawns.

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We know battlebit is all the rage right now, but bringing their modes, doesn’t necessarily fix this games issues.

What is battlebit? And making a conquest mode would fix a lot of the problems people have with the game.

Well, we have a conquest mode… Deaths are worth 100 tickets, and the caps make ticket bleed happen.

(edit - Unlimited spawns in RB tanks, bigger maps as you get up in the BRs)

Still would be unbalanced when it comes to the combined part and CAS, when a single bomber run can take out multiple units in one run and instantly generate another bomber by doing it. Quickly becomes very one sided.

Domination games only way to somewhat balance that, spreads the game out, conquest just makes for a fat tank mosh pit ringed with wannabe snipers at the edges.

These maps aren’t big. You ignored the 20 x 20km limit I gave. Putting 1-3 flags in a straight line isn’t conquest.

That sounds like a stupid teammates issue not a balancing issue. With bigger maps and longer games AA can spawn first and get set up.

Map size wasn’t something I needed to address as the common complaint I see from players about big maps is that they don’t want to drive 5 minutes to die.

I don’t mind big maps, or multiple cap matches. Technically the 3 points is conquest, and the rules of the mode apply.

I see no reason to implement your suggestion in somewhat modified form or shape in a separate game mode, i love realism and wouldnt mind driving some extra 5 minutes but it would demand larger players for each battle and more in depth teamwork perhaps. Maybe the use of microphones?

Otherwise they might aswell put the effort into making better maps for regular RB :)