Game mode suggestion

So ive been thinking of this idea for a long time. Gaijin should add a game mode or a realistic battles feature in which when you play with your friends and one of you have a bomber you and your friends will control it. One of them will be the gunner one of them the pilot etc etc. I think it would be great πŸ‘.

I actually like this idea, for aircrafts and ground vehicles. Multiple players controling a vehicle would be so much fun. I like how you cooperate in vehicles in many FPS games such as Battlefield and Squad. Although I don’t expect it being a competitive game mode as pairing with strangers could be frustrating.

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This has been suggested many times, and it’s dismissed for the reason I’ll ping Victim with as well.


WT is a game about controlling crews, not being a crew member.
This type of simulation allows for superior control & realism over games with separated control.
It also gives more players fun.

My guess if such a feature ever comes, it’ll be far future when Gaijin is nearly finished with ground air & sea, and can focus the resources onto custom battles.


Okay but there shiuld be a mode in which you try to bomb a target and you choose a bomber depending on the players in your team. Then, bot arilanes or players try to shoot you down. That would be fun.