Game mode idea for ground!

Not sure the correct name for this game mode, lil bit high atm. (Will come back and change if i remember)

Basically, 2 teams competing/assaulting an a.i. defended emplacement/fortress and capturing a flag/zone.

Possible pvp to be determined

3 maps that come to mind that would be alright for this.{possibly modified} (red desert, poland, and white rock fortress)

modifed poland: Basically a race to see which team captures the last point while also fighting on opposite sides of the lake (if pvp is on)



Red desert: More PVE than PVP except for a few capture points.



WRF: Basic design, capture the middle point first basically.




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to lazy to fix the size of the maps, But there’s lights,medium,heavy,spaa, and td’s in there if you can see them

I refuse!

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