Game keeps crashing consistently a minute into a random battle

I just updated the game and I’ve repeatedly been crashing around a minute into a game with seemingly no error messages. I tried the test battle and it seems to be fine for several minutes, I also tried to re-verify the file integrity through steam and it seemed to have no errors during that process. I’m gonna keep trying some other stuff like updating my card drivers to see if that helps, otherwise I guess I can’t play until the next bugfix.

Mine does the same, except I downloaded the game directly from the website. I thought is was my AMD RX6400 video card software, and updated it, but I see it might be the War Thunder update itself. I just downloaded that this week also, having not played for some time. I have an Windows 10 Pro Dell Optiplex running an older dual core I-5 processor and 12 gb of Ram with a 4gb Graphics card. WoT and WoWs and Steam games run fine. It is just War Thunder that just drops like a hot potato 1 minute into a battle.

have you tried the temporary solution? i made a post on this forum.
its the best option we have at the moment

Guess I will just go back to playing WoT until War Thunder gets their act in gear and brings out a fix.

can you share the link to your post?

Yeah I play on Ps4 and WT has been crashing for about a week now at least, just randomly throughout the battle. For me not 1 minute into battle but just at different times. I bet it’s happened over 10 times in a week at least.

It happened again. I enter a game already GB or AB and the game closes before the minute without any type of error message

I’ve already been trying for 5 games

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It started today, after the last update. The game was running smoothly until yesterday.

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Funny you mention that, I updated my GC drivers last time, and It began working, but yeah, after the last update it looks like it’s borked again lol, although the driver update didn’t seem to work, even with a clean install. If a patch doesn’t fix it I might DDU it again to see if that works but yea, seems like the recent updates are making the game unplayable more consistently… If its EAC that’s the cause, they really need to figure out what’s up with that.

Same here about a minute and the game crashes. Its the second time, last time it was gone after upedating my nvidia driver but now i have the last driver

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