Game issue

so all my chests and all snowmans and new year chests are gone but a while ago i bought few snowmans and i didn’t get them so i restarted game and all my stuff are gone


I have this isue too my twitch drop skins and normal crate skins are gone

sry for my game language but look at this shit

I cant even log in at the moment, so there might be a bigger server issue going on

yup game was logging in me for 10 mins so it must be something bigger

also all gaijin market vechicles are red so I think servers are again ddosed (I only guess)

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Having issues as well with logging in and playing

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Yeah taking forever to log in, ready up, friend’s event vehicles are all redded out for some reason but mine are fine. Server hamster got executed for speaking out against the state methinks…

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hamster dead as it seems, restarted my modem and pc three times only to no avail…maybe the hamster is in the ER following an ischemic stroke

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I am bored

As already mentioned above, we have some technical issues. Our devs are on it, problem should be solved soon™
Sorry for the troubles :(

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