Game is unplayable for ground with Heli / CAS spam

Because this will also hurt other Sam systems that arent as effective as Pantsir. Considering how new missile physics butchered most of them im simply apporaching to this situation caustiously.

you know what? better hurt other too than let Russian comfortable alone.

Well its not up to me so cant say anything for certain.

But i would like to see HARM missiles tbh.

You like to bully Russians.

even with their own medicine (MiG-29G)

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Playing SPAA is so boring that noone wants to do it , and even if you do you still have a good chance to be raped by CAS .

Tanks can only kills ground
SPAA can only kill air
Heli can kill both air and ground
CAS can kill both air and ground

How it is balanced ?


The game is not balanced around 1 vs 1 situations, but rather around lineups.

Also there are several SPAAs that are quite good at fighting ground vehicles as well, like the Falcon, ADATS and ZSU-57, etc.

Well, yes and no. It’s balanced around lineups when it comes to win rates, I suppose, since those are shared between all vehicles you use. But when determining a BR, Gaijin also uses K/d and amount of SL and RP earned with that vehicle, which is a stat independent of your lineup for the most part.

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And I think that top tier is not balanced in general, not only cas, it is kind of experimental, it has always been. There are always vehicles having the upper hand until the release of something better.

The autocannon spaas are the best against helis, I use the rangefinder instead of the radar lock to get an estimation and spread a few salvos. Just needs a few hits and they are done.
If they are always so many helis in top tier I think it worth trying spawning lower BR autocannon spaas, even better if they have sabot rounds so you can as well fight tanks and light vehicles.

For the skyclimbers, I have no idea, I guess you have no other choice than spawning an aircraft.

So in lower tiers there aren’t vehicles that have any upper hand against others. How interesting.

Gun based SPAAs that don’t have access to HE-VT are pretty bad against helicopters. Even at ~2.5km of range, which is more than in range of even most starter helicopters, your round will take ~3 seconds to get to it’s destination, meaning if the heli isn’t completely stationary, you’ll miss.

Yeah, Gepard and company are surely their worst nightmare lmao.

yes because the ASU-85 doesnt have any armor, the 122-54 does

A top tier vehicle release comes often with new tech, sometimes without its counterpart until next patch, because of chronology, you know.

I bet you havent even tried autocannon spaa against helis. If you are too far then try to get closer and dont stay in the open.

I am pretty you are going to answer this by the negative and flag, because you guys are a bunch of drama queens.

412 replies , 2.5k view , still NO SINGLE response from Gaijin , they simply dont give a shit … I`ll just go change my steam review .

Don’t expect any action from devs here.

That’s why in the last 4 updates (could be more, cba to check), not a single ground-breaking tank was added to top tier.

Let me drive for kilometers to get closer to top tier helicopters camping 5-6km away, right ?

Never even flagged anyone on this forum.

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Lmao, the comedy…

  • Aircraft account for only ~10% of tank deaths
  • Aircraft have no practical access to the objectives (capture points)
  • Aircraft cost 200+% more than ground vehicles

Aircraft are expensive and lack influence in RBGFs…if your teams wants to win, it needs tracks on the ground and in the caps.


They can have a big influence on the battle. But I got to admit that some battles got lost due to the fact that too many players where flying instead of going for caps on the ground.
I have no problem with cas as long there are not 4-6 planes at once in the sky and it creates a big imbalance to the GF.
Many planes lead often to many SPAA on the ground which are fast food for the remaining tanks on the ground.

thats so sad, honestly.

Via mutual support, tankers who fly can indeed advance their team’s interest and contribute to success.

If the CAS hype was true, you could never have too many aircraft…but, as you correctly note, a poor team mixture is detrimental to the team and commonly results in loss.

Put simply: aircraft have their place, but they’re not dominators.

Back in 2017–when CAS hype was very prevalent and tank SP costs were different–it was a common tactic to goad the enemy team into aircraft before quickly killing their aircraft to run them out of SP. Respawn tanks would be too expensive for recently shot down tankers and so they’d be out of the match.

You can pursue a similar strategy today, though lowered tank SP costs have watered down its effect.


It is as simple as that :

Tank cant retailiate to CAS . SPAA should as strong as it should clear the skies immedietally , in a tank you dont have any options to defend yoursel .

In a plane or heli you can kill SPAA`s easy .

Most of u still dont understand that balance should be relying on rock paper scisors , currently CAS and Heli counters everything .

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