Game is too bugged to play air vehicles

  1. Ripple bomb drop works like 1/5 of the time in ARB, in test drive it works just fine but in ARB it drops 1 out of 4 bombs and refuses to drop more.

  2. Ammo is constantly desynced, its most noticeable on helicopters where you fire unguided rockets and it auto switches to AGM if you have any because it thinks you have no more rockets, but then it suddenly shows that you have 1/2 unguided rockets left because it synced with server

  3. Invisible objects that make you explode
    Many times I tried landing a helicopter on a capture point only to lose my rotor or explode because it hit something invisible, or in ARB flying just above tree level only to suddenly combust

and that is when servers arent dying and there is 0% packet loss…
snail pls fix