Game is Broken

  1. Death without a hit cam
  2. No penetration rendering on own tanks
  3. Just exploding out of the blue to see a player name who was credited for a kill with what ammo type but my tank simply bursts like a bubble with no wreck or debris left leaving a hole in the ground.
  4. Upgraded to M338 rounds in the merk LIC and it freakin bounces a lot , 4 times in a row in a match.
  5. Merkava LIC is laughble to call this armor. ANY shot from a T series pens and do some damag or kill 1 to 2 crewmembers which renders the tank useless and left to die after the first hit.
  6. No counter SPAA against russian Bombers circeling 10km above tank spawn and play “shooting ducks”
    i could go on but u wasting my time too much already with “Knife fight in the elevator” maps on top tier like poland 6 out of 10 matches. Why cant u you freakin sort maps depending on the BR? U think its fun starting a game and shoot at each other after the first 5 seconds from spawn to spawn? wth is wrong with you guys!?
    omg this game gets worse and worse
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Please report any issues you experience with evidence on our dedicated issue site: // Issues

Sadly without evidence, examples and the necessary files, we cannot resolve issues on the forum.