Game is becoming unbearable

Rant, but hey I’m a paying player so I feel my opinion matters if even a little.

Lately I’ve noticed War Thunder has succumbed to a problem plaguing modern gaming as a whole, over competitiveness. This event especially has become a chore and physically painful to play. All it seems to be is getting sniped by a Leo2A7 covered in bushes from some unseen angle from a name of some Asian characters. I was honestly excited for this event but if there is not an Asian server made in the next few weeks I may move away from War Thunder and on to a game I can actually enjoy


There is an Asian server. SA is south asia

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The truth is that they are quite suspicious. Just because of distances and Ping I don’t think it is good to play with these people in the EU.

And the subject of the bushes no comment… it’s really disgusting how they have the tank.


It’s no surprise that for this event everyone uses the armour material with which they can achieve the maximum number of points.
At the moment there are a lot of KV-220s and other tanks on the road that are hard to crack and at the same time can dish it out well.
Look forward to the time from 07 February …
From then on there will be CAS-spams again, with rockets due to the BP-Challenge. And this will lead seamlessly into the next challenge from 21 February, when planes with stealth belts will be flying around. Also in the GRB …
The new IL-8s will then be flown from 13 March.
3 April … Strikeaircrafts …


Sad truth and it wont change.


Problem is that people from big Asian Country are playing on every Server from EU to NA just not on SA apparently. Take a look at Gaijins own official released list of banned Account per Month to see why thats a problem. Or every other Game in existence which big Asian Country themself hasn’t banned.


I’m Australian. EU ping is 340 average US is about 270ping. The game is perfectly playable.

The argument about an Asian server is moot, there is an Asian server already, SA.


What’s that got to do with gaijin? You think they are going to force people to play on the aisan server? No way I’d be playing nearly as much if I was forced to play on the Asian server alone, it doesn’t have the player sof the other servers. Not gaijin fault

Playing with 300 Ping is garbage, don’t talk nonsense. The ideal is between 30-60ms.

There are games that more than 170ms reject the connection with that I tell you everything.

Another thing is this game where anything goes and it is an incoherent joke.


You sometimes both shoot and your shot doesn’t count and cornering vs a waiting tank is tricky but otherwise it makes almost no difference to tank game play.

This isn’t cod or battlefield twitch shooter. You don’t need sub 100 ping.


I will only play on 200, and that is playable…

270 - 340? Hell nah…

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Makes no difference. Russia is unplayable though. At 400pluc ping you start getting rubber banding shots missing etc.

The average reaction time of a person is 250ms if you add 340ms of the connection. You are at a clear disadvantage with someone who plays at 60ms.

In tanks you are lucky that people are standing still for a long time and it is not so important to get out of a corner and dissipate fast. But that Ping in a CS or Battlefield is to despair.

In addition to packet loss and player Ping differences that I’m sure affects the server.

Yea, nah… It absolutely does…

No matter if you even have solid no-jitter ping, that high a ping is actually impossible to play, that’s an entire half a second that can be reversed on you, all the time…

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I don’t get any packet loss. As an Aussie I have no choice to play these high pings and it generally just means I have to lead a little more of moving tanks and planes. This is the norm so for me it’s just like you playing with your lower pings. In the end most the game play doesn’t change despite my pings.

Watch any of my game play you’ll see it looks no different to your game play.

I don’t think you get what I’m saying to be honest… I’ll take my 200 ping over your 270+ any day, but it’s definitely going to be impacting you, you’re just not noticing it.

It’s a real reason why I don’t play on the EU or RU servers because I end up with that ping on those servers, and because I know what I’m looking at, I don’t play on those servers.

Often you will shoot and you are already dead.

Luckily this game is not pure skill. It has other important factors like positioning and using your head.

Too bad about the server problem.

My question is, Chinese people have to play with VPN active ?

And my point is if that’s what you play all the time it doesn’t make a difference. The game plays smooth and you just have to lead a little further. Apart from the occasion I mentioned in my first post my 3xperience is not much different to low ping players. At least not noticeable ly. Edit if I get on SA server the ping is 170. The only difference I feel is I. Air battles because my missiles work reliably any my radar works.

It’s like you as an adsl user, telling me that you’re fine while I’m on fibre.

That’s fine, I’ll let you catch up.