Game freezes/black screen for a few seconds and my vehicle becomes invisible (tanks/airplanes)

Ever since the new update, after a couple of matches my game freezes for a cuple of seconds and then both my vehicle and other players vehicles become invisible! It’s becoming really annoying having to deal with this. I don’t think that the problem is on my end since my GPU is an AMD RX6700XT with the latest driver. Lowering graphics also didn’t help, does anyone have a similar problem?

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Memory problem? Have you tried to lower texture resolution (dunno what you mean by “lowering graphics”, that’s why I ask)?

I don’t think it’s memory problem since i just exchanged my old memory for a new 32gb. With lowering graphics what i meant is the I lowered the graphical settings from maximun (I always used on maximun before the update) to high and the problem was still happening. I think it might be a compatibility problem and it will probably solve itself on the next Radeon Driver update, but even then it’s kind of annoying since when the grame freeze it’s very easy to die crashing on the ground

So, long story short, you did not tried to lower Texture resolution?

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oh I thought texture resolution from Max to high lowered the texture resolution, i will lower it manually now and check later how it goes, anyway, thanks for the help!

I have a 6800xt and am having the same issue since the last update

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I have a similar issue. Tabbing out then back into the game has a 50/50 chance of causing the graphics driver to hang. The screen freezes and will only unfreeze 1-3 seconds after i hit the windows key. This also causes the texure quality to drop each time until it is at the lowest settings.

I checked the gpu usage and it is not even using half of my vram. During the freeze, the usage drops a bit then goes back up after the freeze

I have 12gb of vram and 32gb of ram running the game at 1920x1080. This also only started after the last major update and only happens with war thunder.

I updated windows and gpu drivers as well as running a file check. I also tried running the game in borderless windowed and windowed.

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I’m using 5700XT and have same problem. Using latest graphic driver or older does nothing, and all other games(even requires higher specs) are completly OK, so I think it went something wrong with Radeon after last major update.

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It’s been a problem for many people since the major update.

Gaijin, of course, refuses to acknowledge the problem.

I’ve created a bug report, it’s been ignored, naturally.

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