Game Ending Suggestions

Firstly, thank you developers for years of fun. I mostly love how the game has evolved but a couple of suggestions would make it better. In tank games (arcade and realistic), planes are unrealistically accurate and deadly now. Please cut their effectiveness down… they have air battles for this.

Second suggestion: Please let games just play out. For example, when one team loses while holding 3 capture points and an advantage in tanks, its honestly just silly. Let the game play out. I don’t think anyone is happy to lose on time while way ahead.

Otherwise, great job!!


Gaijin wont cut down planes effectiveness because they want new players to be able to get kills while investing little time and effort especially at top tier where they sell very expensive premiums.

If you take away CAS then those with experience will dominate and Gaijin don’t want that ,we want that but they dont. They want your experience to count for nothing so the premium top tier newbies can at least last for two minutes before being taken out,wishful thinking lol.

That is why we have so much ODL at top tier and map destruction generally now.

Second suggestion is pretty good, if one side holds majority of the capture points and timer runs out, imo it’s fine to let tickets run out instead of rely on the timer. Gives players a chance to catch some extra rewards and the match has a proper conclusion.


I would prefer if they remove the nukes - nobody requested it (same with drones). Its so frustrating that one superior player decides the outcome of the match. Especially if the own team was successful to turn the match only to be defeated by a nuke. As a nuke bomber is not very often shot down the match practically ends if one player has enough spawn-points - regardless of ticket status… Superior players were already granted sufficiently by SL and battle rewards - I see no reason why they should also be guaranteed winner of the match.


There are many possible options to alter the way the game plays but CAS ruins most of them.

We could have a capture the flag type game where you have a flag and have to get into your opponents area with it in order to win.We could have it so only your team can see your flag and we can all see it on the mini map.

Then everybody plays around the flag and the game is altered drastically from what it usually is .It makes the game inherently more team based.

I like your suggestion, but more as an additional game mode. Thanks.


1- Realism matters more than artificial nerfs.
2- This is already a game mode: Battle.

Time limits encourage initiative seizing.

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Over-time is something I’ve commonly wanted for a long while… Having re-capped 3 caps, but being tight on tickets should spur the overtime as well (In the form of a ticket boost to each team, and a timer stop/disregard).

You talk of realism yet you defend the absence of realism regarding maps and era separation.You are odd.

Capture the flag would be a game changer but then so would Tank only mode with no CAS.

Era separation isn’t related to realism at all.
And maps? Realistic ranges are 0 meters to 2.5km for primitive technology tanks, and 0 meters to 4km for modern tanks.
There’s nothing unrealistic about the map sizes…

😆 what??? A 1980s AFV on map of Normandy 1944? Away with you 😆

It depends on what you define realism as. If you define it as realistic performance and specs of vehicles, then it isn’t related to era separation. If you define it as historical accuracy, and historical matchups, then it is related to era separation.


Forcing a “sudden death” disabling respawn would be an interesting mechanic to engage with.

Good points but you have to wonder why somebody would go all out to recreate a Tiger tank from 1943 with every plate of armour at precisely the right thickness to the nearest millimetre,give it the correct ammo and crew positions only to sling it out onto a modern map to face a tank from 30 years later that it was never made to face.I mean ,why? Why do that? The sherman firefly along side the concept 3,I mean WTF? I could totally dig that kind of far out surrealism if it was Saints Row The Third but not in a Wargame where hitting a tank in a certain spot is critical due to the armour being faithfully recreated.Its just baffling.

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Because historical mm is very unbalanced and when it was tested, it broke mm


I think anything that encourages and rewards outstanding individual performance is laudable. In WT a lot of the time you can put in considerable effort and be unable to swing the outcome because it’s the team that wins and loses collectively. That’s fine. But it’s also refreshing to have localised instances where your individual effort can be rewarded to the point of literally deciding the match.

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