Game crashing on loading xbox

My game is constantly crashing on loading in to the lobby. Once it shows the update patch notification, the game immediately crashes back to Xbox home. Anyone else having the same problem?

Have tried to login over 20 times and the game crashes immediately upon entering the lobby. Have checked for updates but there are none…any suggestions?

Which xbox you using?

Yea, sounds like a need to hard power cycle the xbox regardless of the generation.

Turn the console off and turn the actual power to it off from the wall for a minute, then fire it back up.

I think it’s just happening across the board. I’m on a Series X and some days since the update it’ll boot up right away others it’ll crash 2-3 times before booting. It’ll get to the initial splash screen and crash. Was not an issue before this update.

You’re not the OP, and I’d question if you even did what I suggested.

You should try it if you haven’t.

From there it’s a verify library situation, if you guys even have any method to do that.

(I stand by my statements and advice. Flaggers be damned.)

Im on 18hrs aday (sad i know) xbox X and not crashed once since update, u might want to clear your cache by removing the power cord for 5min. Then plug it back in for 5 min before booting up

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Why did you answear to me about the generation and not reply to the op. Because that comes across as a dig at me

Here zgain why did you not reply to the op if you know the answear

I did… Just because I didn’t reply to them, doesn’t mean they didn’t see what was put.

As they created the thread, they get the notification anyway.

Hope that clears up your issue with this.

What i am trying to understand is your wanting to be a community helper yet you just should of replied to the op, no else here asked for help

its the same for many playstation plauers too.

You’re trying so hard to try place my application,. from a Moderator to now a helper… I suggest you build a bridge and get over it… I am truly out of your league.

(I stand by my statements and advice. Flaggers be damned.)

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Try the hard power cycle, off at the wall for a time (5 mins), then turn it back on. Absolute power off though.

this is a problem on many xbox and ps5 and maybe a network problem on the clien end. suggesting what you did isnt the problem. chats in playstation are down too.

Wifi is an issue if you use it then… Causes chat to drop out on the regular.

Did you powercycle the unit like I suggested, you HAVE to turn it off at the wall entirely.

yo are talking rubbish shh

If you’re looking for help, you respond, otherwise you’re the one talking rubbish.

Im informing other players that there is a wider problem and that time will probably fix it. this is to prevent people like you telling people to reboot their machines like a 90s IT support wannabe, so no i didnt ask for your help.

You do know that ahard power cycle is something that is recommended to fix various issues, and that Wifi isn’t stable… RIGHT???

Your ‘engagement’ would make it easier to fix such an issue rather than you trying to make a problem, and ignoring what’s asked of you… Otherwise I’m wasting my time…