Game Crash and Keep Crashing, no Error Message in 2 days

Hello Guys, mybe someone have same problem with me,
i think yesterday this problem start, i want start match pick tank and click ready game closed no error message,and i try to rejoin to match, click ready and CLOSE immediately, before that day the game running well no error no issues. ✌


there you go, this is not just me but alot people having same problems 😹


Did you try updating your video card driver and restarting the computer? Preferably do a clean install.
Some people had this problem weeks ago and this fixed their problem.

hi, same to me. At planes RB allways it crashed, when opening a map, or when the battle is over.
At battle start the map can be opened, but after some time playing, WT crashes.

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i got the same issue when playing air rb

same, bvvd plz!!

Have the same problem… the strange thing is when i play the event mode with the “West-Side” i can play… but with the “East-Side” Crash to Desktop when i want to pick a vehicle…

Same here its crashing like crazy

Nothing helps.
EAC reinstall, WT reinstall, Windows Updates, Graphic card update etc, nothing helps.

I tried this, after updating the drivers and restarting my computer, but after playing a few games the problem has already happened. (Also, I tried uninstalling War Thunder and reinstalling it, but it still didn’t fix the problem)

they need to fix this asap its such bs, i joined a game with a 200% rp boost and 500% sl boost and it crashed then i try join back and same happened.

Exactly the same…

exact same issue. love the crew lock i get lol.

Literally happened to me today too, jumped in with a 200% RP and 150% SL and then crash, been trying to troubleshoot since. Clearly now I’m here and pissed

yeah I thought it might be an eac problem and after trying everything even uninstalling and reinstalling it still would crash