Game continues to steal my done medium task

I have lost count of how many times my done medium task was disappeared in gaijin’s black hole. You spend your time grinding the stupid task only to have it taken away from you because the game lasted few seconds longer than the task. My second battle of the day had lasted 30 fricken minutes in Arcade in a 0.7 uptier while I just needed 2 kills in 2 battles (for easy task) to get it done. That already limited my time, as I couldn’t get a new task assigned until I exit the game. Why?
So many times I had to wait up to 5 minutes for an uneven match with the suckiest teammates (thanks to the inept design of the ancient as dirt match maker).
Was 1 kill away from getting the medium task done and 16 minutes to spare. As luck has it, the match lasted around 17 minutes (I got the first kill of the match (that completes the medium task) early in the game with First Strike). Got some more kills later, as the game progressed. So, even when I completed the medium task, it was NOT COUNTED because I did not exit the match and pressed that pathetic “magic” button to “collect” the reward. When I exited the match, there was a set of “new” tasks to be done and the old medium task nowhere to be seen. On top of that, the “new” task was at ZERO, so anything done in the last match also did not count.

Why is this game so stupid? Can’t you hire someone to iron out all these dumb features of this game, so it’s less annoying and that it respects your customers’ time? Why wasn’t the task AUTOMATICALLY completed AND collected when I got the last kill needed? Why am I going into the match with a task that cannot be collected unless I jump out of perfectly good vehicle and abandon my team??? If you cannot automatically collect the reward while in game, why can’t you make it still collectable after the match? I have completed the task probably with 12 minutes to spare.
Gaijin’s response: Comrade, you didn’t press the magic button. You were clicking it wrong.
Just tired of all these things that do not make any sense in this game. I kind of feel that my IQ drops every time I open this game.

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It is just because many tasks are actualized at the end of the battle. If the the daily reset are during a battle, you lost your task.

I know that. That’s the whole point how dumb this setup is. You are not getting awarded for what you already have achieved. The awards need to be awarded instead of disappearing into gaijin’s void.