Game constantly drops to 3-8 fps

How it a confirmed none-update of Nvidia drivers from Gaijin an assumption?

Ok so I don’t know why you’re still trying to help me with no problems anymore?

Top tier troll, i’m done I can’t argue with someone that is arguing with someone giving a solution.

You claim troll to deride me, and you ignore the point of the matter.

You think it’s a solution, but all you do is encourage users to assume that your solution is the way forward, when the actual problem could be somethin so simple that you are wasting all that effort on fixing an issue, because you never asked the qestion to begin with.

It’s pretty simple really, and it’s why you actually check things before making assumptions.

Hence why the person before me mentioned temps, and I mentioned the power settings, which you still haven’t admitted you didn’t even think about, nor know about, in your ‘’‘checks’‘’.


You are in every thread ever arguing with some guy, just saying

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And you see fit to come in and mention that, in yet another thread, yet again… Thanks for showing that there is indeed harrassment going on… Good on ya.

pointing out you’re not a victim

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Nothing to do with the thread, and you’re trying to cause trouble… Absolute harrassment.