Game constantly drops to 3-8 fps

Look, you bumped a month old thread, and have been harping on about it the entire time… You just make assumptions and reinforce NOT CHECKING ANYTHING, and that leads to issues being issues when they really aren’t issues.

I’ve come across people who have had issues plague them for near a year, find out that it was a simple setting that was causing thier trouble… That’s how adamant I am in your ‘contribution’ being nothing than encouraging assumptions.

Hence my first response on this thread, being about the power settings and being plugged in… Like, damn…

Ok so are you saying I personally haven’t checked my own PC? Nice assumption I guess, but you’d be wrong.

2nd have you done anything but completely said I cannot help someone with the exact same specs/Laptop as me? Again, nice I guess? Keep at it!

You are being very unreasonable.

Edit: What do I need to check? I have rolled-back my drivers and it works perfectly, it’s been confirmed Gaijin haven’t updated their game to work with the latest Post-June 2023 drivers.

I am actually saying that as in this entire thread you haven’t even said you’ve done anything of what is mentioned, and the fact is I highly doubt you have checked THAT setting, as it’s a very commonly overlooked part of windows.

Read what I put and you may be able to actually cotton on, but I’m done… ALLL of these posts to get the simple point through to you, and you have the absolute GALL to call ME unreasonable…

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You are at this point trolling, I should’ve caught on earlier haha. Enjoy your day.

Problem is solved on my end, hope it helps OP.

Nope, not at all.

I don’t think you have to be honest.

Haven’t lagged stuttered FPS personally since a month ago, i’m good thanks. It seems you’re the one with the problem and it’s not a game problem if you get what i’m saying.

Imagine your face if the OP comes back, and merely says that the issue also just cleared up on thier end a month ago…

Don’t be trying to make it personal when you’ve had this entire thread run up into the double digits with you deriding the point of what’s been put up. You bumped a thread WELL over a month old to do a ‘Well, ACKSHUALLY!’…

Imagine if everyone’s problems were the same. Would be an easy fix for everyone. Haha enjoy your day buddy, hope it improves.

Imagine if it were just an update that went through, and you’re just delusional about it being all your efforts to struggle and make out that it’s the game…

This sort of signoff, shows how petty you are.

If there’s advice being given, to check and actually diagnose things, then you should be doing something to actually contribute, not just throwing out speculation and assumption.

Bet you STILL haven’t figured out the setting that I’ve even mentioned.

Apparently we’re both petty then, if you can’t understand when to quit either and I can’t understand if you’re trolling or being serious.

Edit: Did I not offer OP a solution to downgrade drivers until Gaijin updates their game? I thought I did, maybe i’m going crazy.

No, I’m not… I’m merely holding you to task…

Why quit, you aren’t the OP, and you’ve merely come in to throw assumptions and encourage ignorance to be frank.

You write it off as trolling but it absolutely isn’t.

That’s not a solution by your standards though, because you were complaining that it’s not good for other games.

If the actual solution isn’t the drivers though, because it could easily be the most basic settings and problems, and you’re just assuming that it is the drivers, and the drivers may work, but not be the actual reason for it, then you are making problems for anyone who tries to even solve it.

So @Steamedbread69 grace us with your presence… How have you fared?

Oh I just have 2 files for drivers, I have one when i’'m playing WT and one when i’m playing other games albeit the latter isn’t often, so it suits me.

The solution IS the drivers for me, settings, throttling and whatever you think you’re fixing on my PC (which I have never required from you) doesn’t work thanks.


You too bby.

No u. Hush.

No u. Hush.

You’re the one bumping threads and assuming solutions carry across to everyone by rolling back drivers to an old version rather than fixing the genuine underlying issue, so I really do think you need to stop…

Hey you too I guess? I’ve offered my solution.

Feel free to offer yours TO THE OP and we can go our separate ways.

Your solution was nothing more than an assumption

I already did, a month and a half ago…

You’ve still not mentioned that you definitely haven’t found that setting I was referring to, so your engagement is absolutely nothing but assumption.