Game Chat Bugged

So I noticed my Squadron Recruitment chat in-game had been changed automatically or by a Mod (I have no clue), all of a sudden it read: “MULTIPLE CHANNELS IS SPAM. 1 PER PLAYER/SQUADRON. ALL MULTIPLE CHANNELS ARE DELETED”

Which is fine apart from that I did not have multiple chats.
I always delete the old one before making a new one.
Confused I went to chat lobby and saw this:

(note that at the top of the chat boxes I have 0 chat open.)
My closed chat is still there?
It’s one thing to receive this message but can you actually delete the channel like it says?
I cannot create a new chat until the bugged one is gone without the new one being flagged as spam.
Recruiting is hard enough, I appreciate your time and consideration.

That was just a random person complaining to someone not you.

I don’t think so.
The name above each chat is the one hosting it.
When you see your name in that colour it means you.

That guy is not anyone. Just ignore it.

(to me) it appears this may have been a (general) chat issue - i couldn’t connect to the chat at all (tcp connection failed - unknown error 10060. even pinging the chat server failed - down / maintenance ?!)

now the chat seems to be back so try again ^^

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