Game can't launch after updating to on MacOS

I just updated to on my MacBook Pro from 2020, which I am currently running on Big Sur (Because Sonoma was unstable for gaming). I can open the WarThunderLauncher, but when I click play, or try to launch War Thunder directly, the app icon starts bouncing (loading) for several minutes before it either stops completely, or just “crashes” (application not responding).

While this happens, I don’t experience any delays while running other apps such as Google or Discord, and no window related to the game appears. Anyone who knows if there’s a fix to this or if it’s a recurring issue with the MacOS?

It may be worthy to mention that I’ve reinstalled the launcher twice, and that I got a system notification saying that the War Thunder game file was damaged

yeah this is happening to me too. generally what i expect after every update. good luck getting it resolved.

and to the extent it makes any difference, i do have sonoma 14.5

same every update this happens but it might be that my computer is too old

me too