Game a bit silly

how 2 not feel dread and despair after every death, yknow oxy in his newest video said that ideally you play this game for fun instead of doing something because you feel the need to do it, but what if you do not get any joy from this game and you do it because you feel a deep apathy towards everything in your life? the game is simply a chore so i feel like i have something to do besides face reality and improve myself in any meaningful way, or is this cause i only play 4.7 ussr now to grind sl?

Do you have a question?
About the game mechanics or gameplay with this or that type of vehicle in the game?

Because here you’re in the academy, where players help players improve.

If it’s just to complain about your difficulties, post in “Game discussion” instead.


Well, i don’t want to sell anything, but premium is very cheap around WTs birthday. I play with remium only, next to no premium vehicles. But anyway:
Tanks: Learn where different tanks have weakpoints and play a bit more defensive, let your teammates draw fire. Experiment with the options, some are very helpful, like the binoculars, they sit higher than your gun sight.
Planes: learn how to aim your cannons, their bullet speeds are different. Then, aim higher than you target, bullets climb a bit for 200 meters, then they fall. Try also over, then slowly undershooting, meaning try to shoot ahed, then quickly changer the angle until you hit something.
It’s all a learning process.
Boats: Hold left click and watch bullets fly. Try to learn how fast they go and how far you need to shoot ahead.

And you can still choose to play something else, nobody forces you. Take your time.

Insane cringe

5 months later

Still edgy

edgy and depression fueled, yea

If you need some game to relax, its always better to pickup some singleplayer or cooperative game.
Multiplayer games tend to get intensive, which defeats a purpose of playing it to relax.

People often tend to startup their favorite game, when they need to lift up their mood, but don’t think whether its the right choice at the moment.

stop caring 2 much maybe.
that worked for me (^_^)