Gaijin's GREED in Top Tier Air

Top tier Air is designed for one thing - encourage players to GE modifications.

The stock grind in top tier air is absolutely horrendous. Since top tier air relies so heavily upon weapon systems, 2 x R73’s or Aim9M’s puts you at a HUGE disadvantage when facing spaded enemy planes.

Farming AI is also extremely nerfed. The PVE content in Air is pathetic. First off, why are AI A4’s in the same match as modern F-16’s? Gaijin can’t be bothered to update the AI vehicles? Secondly, they barely provide any RP and they’re all located in the center of the map so you have to dodge a ton of fox 3 missiles just to get to them.

PVE at top tier is basically non-existent.

With the stock grind being so aweful, the one outlet you could potentially have would be the pathetically underdeveloped Air Assault mode. However, Gaijin just completely prevents 13.0 from going into Air Assault mode.

The transparent greed here is just laughable at this point. They might as well just charge money for the new aircraft like DCS.

It’s shocking that after the review bombing due to grind and all the developers empty promises that they would be this transparent about their intentions.

Top tier is an underdeveloped money grab. Gaijin barely puts time into game design or game balance. They purely care about grind.

But hey at least you may get a free camo if you click on a banana in the hangar 40,000 times. What a joke.

Give it a few years and you’ll be getting pop-up advertisements for your car’s extended warranty.