Gaijin's broken promises

In honor of Gaijin dropping the ball regarding the M1 Abrams armor, and NATO MANPADS, I thought that why not compile their broken promises from the past. What I mean by “broken promise” is something that has been explicitly said to come, in the next (few) updates, but then at least a year has passed.

I can think of few from the top of my head:
P-61: Turret modification. Here on the fourth paragraph, Gaijin promises that the turret of the Black Widow can be modified to be used as a turret “a little later”. I think 7 years is enough.

BMD-4: Tech tree variants. Gaijin said that production versions of the BMD -family will be coming to the tech tree. Nothing for over two years now.

F-14B drop tanks: On the Rumor Round-up post for the La Royale -update, Smin or someone else from Gaijn stated that the F-14B is getting it’s drop tanks in the next major update. Sons of Attila came and went, and still no drop tanks for the Bombcat. (I couldn’t find the old round up thread so take my word or don’t) EDIT: It was @Pacifica who promised this.

What did I miss from the list?


"Gaijin promises that the turret of the Black Widow can be modified to be used as a turret "

umm… it is already and always has been a turret ?

If you mean Fixed / Locked forward, to compliment the main armament for shooting air targets or for strafing… then this is what Gaijin had said…

“Incidentally, this turret could also be locked to shoot forwards, so the pilot could control it as a frontal weapon. In War Thunder, we plan to introduce this function a little later in the form of a researched modification.”

So, far there has been no in game play mechanics for turrets to be locked forward… the B-25 also had the option for the turret to be locked forward to complement the main armament for strafing ground targets or shipping, but as I mentioned, right now there are no in game play mechanics for that to work

The option could still come into play at a later time, however it would require new game code and R&D for that sort of game play mechanics… it is just not a high priority right now

“BMD-4: Tech tree variants. Gaijin said that production versions of the BMD -family will be coming to the tech tree. Nothing for over two years now.”

New variants can still arrive over time

" F-14B drop tanks: On the Rumor Round-up post for the La Royale -update, Smin or someone else from Gaijn stated that the F-14B is getting it’s drop tanks in the next major update. Sons of Attila came and went, and still no drop tanks for the Bombcat."

Plans change and or unexpected issues can happen, Drop tanks for most aircraft will continue to roll out over time


Bomber cockpits can be added to that, which they gave up on because it doesn’t earn them money, but at this point even the fighter cockpits and exterior vary massively in quality and could use a rework, which is likely also never going to happen.

For the time being nation skill bonuses, which they are delaying by an entire year seemingly to ‘‘analyze data’’ whatever data that would be.

This also didn’t really happen, we have some building that are, most aren’t some are partial, again just a giant mess where things work inconsistently and there is no way of knowing what is what.

They also said they would not add missiles because point and click gameplay would be dumb, and it is.

The destructible stuff was basically abandoned because it caused horrible performance. Even with the limited amount we have now, there were many issues were it would freeze the game, server side, whenever a bomb was dropped on a house.

Because it’s poorly optimized and overly complex, the bit we have now has things crumbling for a very long time and things lay around on the road and such, way too ambitious for a game like this… doesn’t mean we can’t have destruction at all.

We had destructible environments, and still do to an extent; players however prefer the balance of static buildings than 100% destruction.
Japan’s buildings were made physical to stop people shooting through them for example.
Tunisia’s buildings can only be destroyed via bombs now.

We still have destructible environments, just contexts changed.

Nah. Need to be 100% destructible. When you drop a cookie from a Lancaster, you need to level half the map

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Oh yeah the balance of destructible buildings and partially destructible buildings and non-destructible buildings you cannot shoot through and non-destructible building but ones you can shoot through… surely that’s intended design and not just usual mismatch of features that exist in ‘‘newer’’ maps but they couldn’t be bothered to implement on the older maps.

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All buildings you can shoot through are destructible.
Tunisia’s the first to get destructible buildings you cannot shoot through to my knowledge though that happened well over a year ago.

They’re not though, pretty sure on Japan and those type of houses you shoot through without any sort of visual indicator.

Regardless there is a significant inconsistency in buildings, even though they re-use the same assets over and over and over.

They never said When exactly,… so far nothing is broken.

If you had something like:“we’re doing it for 2.xx update” and then they don’t, yet this would be a broken promise.

Yet,… so far, Gaijin inteligently hyped people by not giving any due dates (apart when they had to face the Steam Crisis)

If you want those things to be implemented → Bug-Report system is there to be used.

I’m not sure in which instance @Pacifica would have known this,… he’s only a volounteer to Forum moderation.

Someone like Smin1080p/Stona/OrsonEs are community managers and therefore are closer to DEV teams and from choices made.

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I’m still immensely dissatisfied with the bomber cockpits. Players have been asking for them since 11 years.
Officially they said, it is due to their complexity, but since they last used that excuse they have added loads of cockpits that are far more complex than WWII bomber cockpits…


I don’t even need them to be super detailed and historically accurate, just something that’s good enough and not an eye sore.

Really don’t see why it would be so difficult to make an effort

But the older planes are also looking very dated these days

Not that bombers are the only neglected part of the game

If it wasn’t for the completely hideous and dated UI in this game you wouldn’t think these vehicles are in the same game, it’s like comparing PS1 graphic to PS5.


Bro, they cant even figure out how to get bushes/trees to fall down consistently.


Yes I misspoke. What I meant was that the ability to use turret as a forward firing gun was promised, and forgotten about. So I see it as a broken promise, don’t you? I really don’t see how semantics on how this feature isn’t added on anything else matters at all. The feature is promised little later, seven years pass, and still not implemented. And I know that keeping promises isn’t a priority for Gaijin, that’s why I made this post.

Yes, and I think it’s hilarious that it’s been nearly 3 years with nothing.

You specifically said that the F-14B drop tanks will come in the next content update, and later specified that by that you mean major update. That’s what people tend to call a promise. We’ve had two updates since you made this promise.

I don’t know how @Pacifica could know that, and I don’t really care. I know that he has a nice, official looking tag next to his name on the forums, and he did promise those drop tanks. Maybe he spoke out of his ass. I just know that he made a promise that now is broken.

As i told you : Being Forum moderators is NOT a badge of being Gaijin voice concerning development,…

If you want to think that, you’re wrong,… aswell as @Pacifica also is a PLAYER like us and in this order, he make a statement,…

He may have got more info, maybe through Smin/Stona or Orson,… but unless those 3 give us a hint about development / Gaijin Videos → Forum Moderators are not Gaijin voice about DEVS,…

Maybe @Pacifica should clarify this.

So if he doesn’t know anything about the development, why did he then promise that? He didn’t say that “Drop tanks for the F-14B will surely come eventually”. He specifically said, that the “They will now be added in the next content update, they just did not have enough time for R&D this time round” Can you see the difference? He clearly states that he has insight on the development process of that feature.

And why are you bending over backwards making excuses for this? He can defend himself, and thus far has chosen not to do so.

^ That

As others have pointed out, I am not a Developer… at times I do ask for more information about certain things from Staff, and sometimes it is just not up to me to answer

In this case however, it was expected to be in that next update, but obviously plans had changed due to one reason or another

So… no broken promises, since I never said “Promised to be in next update” in the first place… and the Developers never mentioned or promised drop tanks for the F-14, and that members around here know that no promises are ever made… just “expected” for a certain release, but at times all manner of issues can pop up and so things are delayed

Developers have been saying they will work towards adding drop tanks for those aircraft that need them desperately, and they have been doing so… the F-16 was one of the major concerns, and so that was attended to… the F-14 is another concern from the community, and that was being looked into…

But, just not sure what the issue is with the F-14… it may need new hard points for pylons for the drop tanks on the engine nacelles, and in doing so may have some complications… who knows…

I will ask again, but no guarantee on answer

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