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you mean like this?


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thats to upgrade muldules lol

Every year there are people that get tripped up by this system. Must be their fault for not combing through every word of every article though. A clear warning in-game when activating the Vilkas coupon is obviously too much to ask


yes? to make it sellable. as it says at the bottom of the second image.

thats extremly hidden bro

what did you think the upgrade did?

upgraded the veichle[img]


its not “upgrade for vilkas”
its “upgrade for vilkas coupon”
so it upgrades the coupon.

ok the losat u needed no upgrade

Too difficult for people to admit it’s a pretty crappy system that isn’t properly explained in-game and requires the website to communicate how it works.

Having to click on your name, and then go to achievements for some reason and then somewhere in there is the event progress.

If I didn’t know any better… I would think this gave me the coupon to sell.


And then you have to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the list to find this


What is a coupon upgrade even? How does this make it clear that it makes the coupon tradable when it wasn’t even made clear that the other was not tradeable.

Yes OP should read better but lets not pretend the workings are explained properly.


for real now i dont have 10k ish ge

wooser loop keeps saying ur replying then stopping

Sorry I’m trying to not insult you.

The article explained everything you needed to see regarding the Vilkas being non tradable without the coupon. That was before the half way point of the article.

It did, I linked you the article, READ IT! Top of Launcher list.

For 10 Marks of Distinction, you’ll receive an untradable “Upgrade for coupon” item. You can use it to make the vehicle coupon you received tradable and then sell it on the Market. The date on which a traded coupon becomes available for sale can be seen in its description in the game.

Wasn’t there a pop-up window with details and link to the forum/website when logging in for the first time after the event started? You know, just like it does with updates. Also I believe there’s a news feed in the game launcher, again linking to the forum/website…

Or you can click on the big banner in the top right corner, just above the BP and daily tasks feed…

Still doesn’t explain the coupon part.

In germany we have a nice saying for those situations …

“Life is not a pony farm”