Gaijin, your tank battles still stink all these years later

ZERO enjoyment, non-stop artillery and getting bombed to oblivion every time I play. One team gets wiped in minutes. You just die while trying to go to some position from spawn. Endless suck with endless steamrolls. Narrow maps where the enemy bombers spawn and are on top of you in seconds, so you cannot do anything, but just explode.

Yes, I’m not saying anything new, but this MUST be said over and over again until something changes.
All these countless hours wasted grinding countless tanks, doing events and buying premium vehicles and now they just sit in the hangar because gaijin has failed to make a proper match maker.

This is just sad. I wouldn’t even play tanks anymore, except I have to finish up the stupid BP task that ends tonight:

Gaijin’s mismanaged reasoning: If one team gets steamrolled, let’s have more CAS for the other team, so they can wipe out the entire enemy team quicker. smh

Also, gaijin why are the ENEMY bombers spawning BEHIND OUR lines? This does not make any sense (just like the endless steamrolls and uptiers).


aww… didums…


First maybe don’t play AB. Second get in a fighter or SPAA to counter the CAS.


In the screenshot I’m having arty dropped at me, I’m getting bombed and I’m being shot at by that t-34 while being steamrolled by the entire enemy team. Yeah, it’s a very good time to take out a fighter or SPAA. smh

I play without headphones and you need that in RB. Just doing the stupid task. I mainly play Naval at this point. Doing pretty good there with decent amount of kills, even though I get constantly uptiered. My guess is this stupid match maker assumes I’m gonna do well in Tanks, because I do well in Naval and that’s why my team always gets steamrolled. I played couple of days ago like 3 matches. My team got wiped out to oblivion in each match and I had enough of it. Have to finish the 10,000 tonight.

It’s plain and simple… the match maker sucks a big one.

I’ve tried to play ground but I hate it these days. It’s boring as shit, the fact that ERA still eats APFSDS shows that it’s not really a serious game.

Yeah, I do wish there was a tank only mode, just so it was something unique. Combined arms doesn’t need to leave the game, but a mode without air would be great. Russia gets the best AA without a real counter, and then the best CAS helicopter which really doesn’t qualify as CAS ten miles off with ATGMs.


The issue is in AB everyone can see you which if you’re the last one on your team, its not hard for the entire enemy team to target you.

If theres issues with planes bombing then you need to time it right to get into fighters before CAS spawn and not just keep spawning in ground vehicles which cant counter them.

The match maker doesn’t pick and choose who gets put into battles. It just puts whoever is waiting for a battle into a game.


Orly? So that’s why I often wait multiple minutes while seeing others going into a match and that’s why all my tank battles are pointless steamroll losses, right?

I clearly remember having more balanced matches in tanks years ago (was even a closed beta tester). Then one day the steamrolls have started and major losing streaks. I even wrote about it on the old forum multiple times. I went from overall 68% win rate to 52% with years and years of having low 40% or lower win rate for each month. During some events I would have to play more than 30 matches just to get 10 wins. Yep, the games are not “fixed” at all.

About SPAA, trust me, I always have SPAA in my lineup. The way you write it, it’s like you think I started playing tanks yesterday, which is clearly not the case.

Funny thing is you barely break 1/1 k/d… and that’s on a good day except your… helicopters that pad your stats a little. Not much of a foot to stand on.

Unless you have some sort of proof that Gajin has made the matchmaking skill based, there’s nothing that points to it except you having bad games. Its also known that sometimes certain times of the day are not the best idea to get on cause a lot of sweaty players get on. I always have better games during the day on a week day then I do on a weekend at night.

I didn’t just say SPAA, I said something to counter them like a fighter or SPAA.

I never brought up mine or your stats about how it makes you good or not. Also you’re probably looking at AB on my stats which I don’t main. The only reason my helicopter K/D are so high is because of EC battles. As of now I main sim battles which I know myself my K/D isn’t good in sim because I’m still learning to fight with a joystick.

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I play without headphones as well and do just fine in GRB. I tend to be ~top 5 on my team, but at very least top 7 unless we stomp or get stomped so hard my slow ass tanks struggle to get into position in time.

Give it a try. You’ll be fine.

Well, congrats on your nerfing your ability to be competent cause not only can you not hear the enemy. You clearly can’t see them either. Regarding SPAA, I suspect you aim at the plane rather than leading your shots off the craft.

This. Ground arcade has gone to crap. Matches usually over in a few minutes. Generally nothing but braindead team mates who either know nothing about or don’t give a toss about using any kind of tactics other than storming up the centre of the map like Lemmings. Nobody with any interest in the outcome of the match other than completing their individual daily or special task. Most are also one death leavers.

Congratulations Gaijin on taking a game that used to be fun and had a huge amount of potential and making it nothing but a magnet for lobotomy patients and talentless hack suicide pilots.

Anyone looking for a genuine enjoyable and challenging match where teams even remotely work together towards a common goal (and use even an ounce of intelligence) should definitely look elsewhere.

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