Gaijin, your game keeps crashing after your untested patch today, again

Good times… another day, another untested patch from gaijin…

The game worked fine last night. Just received the new update before I was able to log in. When I get into a battle, the game crashes almost instantly back to desktop. First time I was able to send a report, but any time after that it just goes poof, as if I never opened the game.

I want to make it clear one more time, the game worked fine last night. The trouble started today, after the update. Yes, my graphics driver is up to date. I restarted the computer. I also deleted the *.sys file from Easy Anticheat folder to refresh it. Right now I have just about 6GB of free space on my SSD. I have noticed recently that this game can eat up to 4GB of SSD free space when running for couple of hours. I have 16GB RAM and a 1080p monitor, so I don’t think the game is offloading graphics textures to the SSD. This also happens when I’m just sitting in the garage for a while.

The crashes that I’m getting today DO NOT happen in the garage. They only happen when I go to battle. These are not the server disconnects that also plague this game recently. These are full game crashes when playing a match. I already had at least 7 of these crashes and I cannot even play a single match.

Anyone else having a similar problem?

Edit: Btw, I have RTX 3060 with 12GB VRAM

Well, I downloaded Nvidia driver that was released 2 days ago. My driver was from late September of this year, so less than a month old. Did a clean install to refresh everything. Just had a match and the game didn’t crash. Just wasted all this time… I really hope I don’t have to update my driver every couple of weeks when gaijin releases some semi-tested patch.