Gaijin, you screwed the progress bar on unlockable skins Yet Again

Why does this happen every time you update the skin kill requirements?
Yeah, I know they still unlocked and I can use them, but that’s not the point.

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I mean (sry no edit button) what happens when you get enough kills to unlock a skin? The progress bar disappears and you get your skin, no?
WELL, everytime Gaijin increases the number of kills needed (or in this case changes the system) the dumb progress bar shows again even though the skin is unlocked. It happened at least 2 times before in previous updates and it happens in this update too.
If I have an unlocked skin I expect no more stupid progress bar on that skin.


I’ve lost skins I had unlocked in the past and had all my progression wiped on some others. It’s never worked quite right.


proof Gaijin can’t count

168 tank kills
3 aircraft kills

171 kills x 5 = 170 in gaijin math

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It’s really very annoying. They took away my camouflage, which I managed to put a decal on


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Then you should be making Bug reports in the proper area

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