Gaijin, where are the A6M7s and A6M8s already?

This has literally been requested such a long time ago and I still don’t understand why you don’t want to add them. You literally passed them for consideration 4 years ago, even the documents were pretty much there and you can literally see how many people in the playerbase love playing the Zero, yet why do you not want to add such great planes to the game? Alot of us still prefer prop gameplay to jet gameplay and as someone who loves the A6M5 Ko alot, I really wish we could get the even better versions already.


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Same place has Bf 109C/D and Fw 190A9/A10

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A6M8 might be useful, but A6M7 bring nothing new

The Bf-109C would be useful for low BR
It would be a mix of Bf-109B engine of 670ch, and 4x7.92mm MG.

Maybe ok to have a new 2.0 Bf-109 since the E1 got higher BR.

Bf109D would be impossible to balance in between 109C and 109E1

The Fw190A9 brings nothing the engine is harder to manage.

The Fw190A10 never was built.

Also many french planes are missing.

seriously, why did this get flagged?

also still no supermarine spiteful after EIGHT YEARS of being passed to devs