Gaijin when are you planning to add spall liners to the M1128

It’s crazy how it’s taking them so long to implement a simpe thing to the game, they already said that they’re gonna add them but daamn it’s taking months now, if they’re busy adding new vehicles to the game instead of fixing the ones that are bad and got a whole lotta issues.

The bradley recieved spall liners but they aint doing much, irl the Bradley is equipped with spall liners all along the vehicle, on the sides and on the turret and honestly, the Bradley is also unplayable u can get one shot by anything on 10.3 u meet 2s38, sooo u can’t do much

i hope gaijin is planning to add them on this update it’s really suck and need urgent fixes!!!


No offense, but spall liners probably aren’t going to make a significant difference here. These vehicles are lightly armored to protect the crew against things like MANPATS; however, the IFV itself does not fare well.

While crew survivability has been fairly good in its documented incidents. The IFV has experienced significant losses.

Something interesting. In the first Gulf War, we lost 20 of them. Only 3 were do to enemy combatants. 17 were friendly fire incidents 😬


Besides, SPGs have a big issue with being powder kegs lol.

If the Bradley’s can have better spall liners that would be great to see. A little ammo protection ain’t gonna do much for it like it is now…

Since the original question was about the MGS. Here’s an article discussing how ineffective they were from an armor perspective.