Gaijin, we need to talk

4900h player here.

I started with AAB 9 years ago, which got boring after about 300 hours. So I migrated to ARB.

After 9 years of you ignoring ARB, then reducing time from 45m to 25m and massively increasing ticket bleed, I started GRB. On top of that you changed MM to 16v16 in ARB. Effectively making it a AAB 2.0 with extra steps, which killed any interest I had left in this mode.

All was fine again in GRB. If you stay below rank VI, the game is fairly balanced I´d say… uuuuntil you started doing this to the maps.

You do everything to hurt the game without even consulting the people actually playing and paying.

Tried naval, but can´t really be bothered to spawn to spawn shootout 2 seconds after spawning.

So I once again migrated, to the last mode available → ASB. Now I am waiting for you to yet once again ruin this mode.

You are given ideas and opinions by your community every single day about how to improve and fix the issues, yet you actively push against us and implement “features” nobody asked for and only hurt the game.

So I ask, why not just sell the game to someone else if you hate War Thunder so much? Yes hate, because I can´t think of any other explanation after being with WT for 9 years. Just sell the game to Microsoft or Bohemia Interactive. Everyone benefits.


Support the suggestion to have it fixed, please ❤: Introduce a new guiding principle for Naval map design: No spawn-to-spawn direct line of sight

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Yes ,nailed it good points no argument/ Just forcing us all further and further back. I am now down to 5 BR and below in GRB and the more silly 70s vehicles I have to face in my WW2 line up the further back I have to go until presumably I am forced out.