Gaijin - Unfair conditions

I have reached the top tier after a while now. Had to pay a little here and there, you can’t get anywhere without doing it. Its simply not possible. You’d have to play the game for 10 years, everyday to even get close to where you want. (Without paying)

Not only that but the game is totally unreliable, and inconsistent, you can shoot a tank and destroy it and the next ten times nothing happens. And its a major issue as more matches you lose all your tanks without gaining score, and when you finally get a good round, or three. You’re back at square one. You’ve gained only what you lost back. Due to absolutely trash point system that gives absolutely nothing. The repair cost, lol there should be no repair cost.

Why is it that every damn company has to make something great, and then run it the worst possible ways, why cant we get a company that cares, makes something good and gives us what we want. I understand top tier tanks are the holy grail, it should be a grind but its just impossible to even do for most.

Right now I am struggeling to even get my lions and research for my newly unlocked T-72B3 that will take until my next payday, probably because the game is so unfair, its so tedious. If you get unlucky for a round you lose 10k, if you win a round with 5 kills which most dont get, you gain what 7k lions, and some are used on repairs.

Practically forcing people to pay heavily. And it bothers me. And there is no get good, or whatever. Most experts you see at this game take clips of their gameplay, that span weeks, people with high KD’s don’t enjoy the game, they play competitively, camping and going with hundreds of games without a kill or death.

It all comes down to how poorly designed the system is, make it a one shot one kill if you hit tanks a specific place.

Just here recently I hit a 2A6 leopard my barrel was so close that in real life it would’ve probably been destroyed by the blast force with my T-72B3 and you know what, nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And nothing. That’s not skill issue, not anything but poor game design.

And it makes this game horrid.


just looking at your playercard i think it might be an issue on your part with the repair costs

The barrel tanking stuff is something that happens quite often

It can’t be my issue. When I shoot tanks close range and nothing happens to them, 9/10 times and when that happens you lose a tank that has to be repaired. and then you spawn in again, and you shoot a tank, and then what happens, nothing. Even though you’ve destoyed the very same tank a hundred times shooting it the exact spot you did this time.

And you lose another tank, and then you’re out, it cant be my fault. Regardless of how I play, if i rush I shoot nothing, dead. If I hide and wait i shoot nothing, Dead. The flaw is the game being badly programmed.

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Take the 2S38

2-3 well placed shots in the back of a Leopard can take it out if you shoot it in its behind. But is that even true, if you do it over a thousand times and it only happens 10 times. If you use all 20 bullets to shoot a leopard all over, at its most weakest points and nothing happens.

How is that my fault. I outmanuevered the guy, I had the skill to get the first shot, to get close, and what I get in return is poor game design.

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what shell are you using?

and if its lets say a leopard 2.

There is the hull ammo rack which if they only take 16 rounds in total is gone

Can’t name them on the fly, but I use the bullets that the experts are telling, the guides.
Here is a quick scenario again.

Just now I had my fully researched 2S25M hit a leopard 2A6 a smooth straight line to the undercarriage, it did break down, but it wasn’t downward or upwards it was straight onto it, with the full force of the so called Tank destroyer that can fuck up any tank. Don’t seem very realistic.

Another scenario that just happend. My 2S38 on a hill shooting down into the turret hull and nothing, of a M1A1. Where it should be breached the hull and killed the people inside.

Such scenarios and of course once upon a lucky time they do get destroyed but then what am I supposed to do as a player. If I know for a fact that if I hit it this specific place it will be destroyed, and there are multiple of t hese spots, but its only by chance, or random RNG that it so happens it expldoes, what do I do when 99% of the time they dont explode.

You can get lucky and of course there are also games where I get 6 kills, or 8 kills and I get double strike, triply strikes, etc sometimes I rush through the battlefield and I just one shot everything bam bom bam, but its the same exact fucking places I hit them all the other times, and the same angel of attack, everything.

WTF am I supposed to do when that happens like 10% of the time and the rest is just losing and losing and losing.

they are fixing exactly this, soon, check the roadmap.

I understand what your coming from