Gaijin, this is your betrayal of fans

Out of trust and support in you, I pre-ordered the KVT pack, but soon you were back with even better premium vehicles. I feel like we’re discarded, why do u do this to us?
Historically, the KVT was modified with the M1A1, can it be restored? So at least to appease the feeling that the items we’re going to have to play with more teammates who use premium vehicles in the future and buy expire in a short period of time?


such is the way of a video game, and real life things. there will always be something better that comes later.


They made all my rank IV premium ships useless with introduction of prem BBs, now some premiums i bought during last sale like Rooikat or Khalid to research top tier wont be able to do that. So yeah,aint first nor last time i got screwed, but it is what it is.

Jesus, it is really unfortunate!

the game is a betreyal of ‘‘fans’’, welcome to the real world where you will be taken advantage of and used

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Why not?

Cause rank VI researching the now rank 8 tanks wont have same effectivity as they have atm when researching rank VII.

So you’ll still be able to research the current top tier vehicles fine, just not the new top tier.

The vehicle’s you wanted to research with it will still exist and be playable.

How, it wont research the Black Night which i bought it for. Bought the Rooikat nd Khalid cause i didnt wanted to suffer grinding the entire Chally line past Chief 10,now to grind half of it most likely the Chally 2s, i will have to buy the premium Chally thats coming or Chally DS.

I got hard on this, care to share some details?

I don’t see any rank 8 tanks?

You know if you wait long enough Gaijin will sell you an even better premium than the M1A1 HC “click bait.” The KVT will most likely always remain at 105mm, even if it’s not historically accurate. Gaijin currently seems to be selling lineups that you can only complete if you buy a premium vehicle, so pay to win. So, congratulations on your 10.3 ground line up.

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Then look at devblog lmao.

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we all have imaginations dont we?

So you bought these premiums thinking there will never be rank VIII tanks in the future?

“Better premium” is relative
US F-4Sphantom is technically “better” than F5C but it is sucked into top tier where compression makes it regularly facing much more competent machines.
Tiny F5C is whole BR lower, cheaper and enjoys drastically more favorable matchups.


Better? It’s 11.3, its BR is adjusted, and it’ll be the same rank as the KVT.
Honestly it’s slightly worse as 11.3 is more of an issue than 10.3.

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I try to buy vehicles based on how fun and unique they would be to play and function in a line up.
Copy paste isn’t either and is only a collectors skin.

I knew there will be rank 8 some day,just pissed that they are out literally month after i bought em,and instantly useless.

Unless they move rank VII to VIII, you will reasearch same vehicles. If you only want the top of the top then yes, sooner or later a better (RP) premium will be available

PS : when they introduced air rank VIII they moved the F5 to VII