Gaijin stoll all my sl lol

i opend 120 snow men as it looked promising nope nothing just lame old boosters and crap

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You knew the risks but boy are you bad at math.


im saying its funny lol

yeah it sucks big time.
You have these kids, “yaaay, we’ll win something”. And then event drops, takes away all their SL and they get nothing cool in return. Way to go, making the Gaijin Christmas memorable for them (and us, allegedly more grownups too), but not in a good way.

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After a year of opening SL crates during all the events and last drop that i got which was vehicle either onto acc or as coupon was last christmas, now i opened about 100, got PT-811 coupon,so about 25 GJN,and Tornado Marineflieger onto account, so i guess a victory this time after what,4 or 5 times not getting anything during the various SL crate occassions.

lol, you’re the worst dude. Now you give me false hope.
Guess back to grinding SL, hate you!!!


Unfortunate, but then if i count total that i opened before i got something again,it would be few thousand lol.

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stinky reditor

I got a profile icon i already had, then it disappeared from my inventory

I actually won several nice things on my first 100 snowmen:
1 Profile Icon (Winter Pilot)
1 Decoration (Christmas Wreath) that I already owned, so 200k SL instead
1 Event Ship (Leningrad), unfortunately I already owned it from the naval event, so 1M SL instead
1 Decal New Year’s pin up(USA) coupon
1 Decal Christmas tree victory marks that I already owned, so 100k SL instead
1 Decal Shark Jaws coupon
1 Decoration Christmas Mill coupon
1 Premium Plane P-63C-5 from the 2016 Winter event that I didn’t owned cause I missed it

I was amazed with the amount of nice rewards I got, then I bought 400 more that basically only gave me decals and decorations, some that I already owned, and the aerobatic smoke that I also already owned.

I’m happy for the P-63C-5 cause it’s one of those old event vehicles that I missed.

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I spent a over 50M SL and didnt even get anything good.

EDIT: bought me another 150 chest, still nothing besides baby SL and boosters lol just not worth it.

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I’ve previously purchased them in groups of 50, and just opened as many as gave a number of boosters, then used up those boosters before opening another batch.

Never got anything more than a decoration.

I’ve gotten 3 vehicles over the years from these. But it was indeed on average about exactly what the math suggests it should be: 1 in 300 chests or so, and thus about 18 million per vehicle.

Not the vehicle you want, just SOME vehicle, to be clear.

If you have nothing better to do with 18 million SL, then go for it (still not guaranteed, of course). Lots of people have literally nothing to do with all the SL.

I refuse to play above like 6.3 or so, so I just have millions and millions all the time in between SL box events

I only bought 1 snowman and 1 carrot and got 400k from it. I stopped right there.
For your own good, don’t gamble if you don’t want to lose.
My question for you is how u got +100m? are you using bots?

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gambled for 8.000k and I’m happy.

lmao one for the ‘Gaijin Times’ fr

Hard to fathom that people exist that GAMBLE and then act disappointed when lose all.

Never go to vegas. You would not last a day.

That was not the morale of this story my man.

it was for a vid lmao also i think gaijin should truly buff the chances if they want money